Mods falsely accusing our group of luring?

We only log in to refresh our base lately. Waiting for next update to drop so idk what’s actually happening in game these days.

On multiple occasions we’ve been accused of luring and trapping people in our base, which is fundamentally false. If anything, we give out free top-tier tools to returning players or help people whose bases were wiped with the Siptah issues in the south. It’s easy to climb in/out of our base, and there’s no way to fall into a hole or anything. It’s taken me 3 years to single-handedly build up our base, and I’m very proud of it. My fave part of the game. Any way we can talk to the mods who are swearing at us with in game chat when they fly by and accuse us of luring people into our base and supposedly trapping them? Don’t want to start anything just sick and tired of being accused of things we’re clearly not doing. Mods don’t seem to bother even checking logs of what we do when we’re logged in/when we’re logged in.

This is clearly a private server.

As such, you would need to discuss this with the mod(s) and/or server owner. Is there a Discord to contact them through or ticket system?

Funcom does not moderate private servers. Even if this was an official, they don’t fly around arguing with players and they require reports be sent through Zendesk.


An official admin would not use chat to communicate with you. They would simply delete your build (if it was in violation of the ToS) or suspend/ban you if they determined you were harassing others (in violation of ToS). If you have players ‘flying’ around in game, pretending to be admins, report them to the Zendesk, assuming you are playing on an official server.


It was actually on official. They were clearly an admin or a mod because they were flying. Official PvE. Wish we’d done a screenshot of their user ID in case they were someone who hacked the admin commands or something stupid. But they were just hovering above our base, we dont know how long they were there or anything, then started arguing with my teammate with in game chat and swearing at him accusing us.

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They may have gotten admin privileges via a hack but (based on your description) they were not admins. Next time you see them flying or even just being belligerent in chat, take screen shots and report them. Don’t tell them you’re going to report them though and certainly don’t say anything in chat that they can use against you. Impersonating an admin is a perma-ban. Best of luck to you.


Thanks. Hoping it never happens again, but if it does we’ll do just that. Just want to enjoy the game lol. Another detail i just learned from teammate from last night’s “interrogation” is that when they were floating the text of their name was yellow.

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Best to provide the server number and any evidence

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