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Hello… FunCom… Can we talk…

I do not know how else to get this to you and am hoping you see and respond here.

Mods are awesome when they work and allow communities to create environments that they are more strongly drawn to… In the gaming world, modding has resulted in the biggest game to hit …ever… that being PubG. Mods are alos supporting many other games, some new and old… Arc has a seemless mod process, wherein when you join a server, it looks at your config and adds the mods you need to play that server. It works brilliantly.

So now we look at the complete lack of a system for Conan, yet an avalanche of mods from many different writers, some being amazing ans some just trying hard and not working. The end user, doesn’t want and should not need to deal with arranging mods int he right load order, it should just happen.

Funcom… please… take some control here and wok out a mod system that makes it easy to implement and use… not all gamers are geeks to where they find the mod process simple. We encountered this a lto last fa;ll when trying to get new people to play, the hassle of the mods just drove them away.

Right now… wehave zero mods running because they are a pian in the butt. We’d like tohave them but it just makes game play unstable with random and haphazard updates.


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did you get a reply yet? i’m following this…


They just don’t give a shake… The Modders seem to be insulted and Funcom can’t seem to be bothered.

I just don’t understand the wall of inaction from both sides on this issue. Modding right now is a pain for the end user that is not a tech-geek. It seems to be the stance of modders that people should just learn and deal with it. Funcom seesm to just ignore that there is a mod community.

What we need is leadership. We need a systemthat allows mods without it becoming a constant upgrade and reboot hassle with modders issuing mods with no schedule throwing off the snyc… Look at Ark… the system works and is likely available for use with some adaptation.

Funcom can blow the doors off with the proper mod support… it seems illogical to not provide it.

I completely agree. I just made this account to come and talk of this. The mod system feels so chaotic. There needs to be a more streamlined way to keep mods updated. Every time one is updated, it makes logging in to a private server difficult. There must be a batter way to do this.