Mods, what are people using to install their mods these days?

I got away from Curse. For WoW, I am using WoWup. What are you guys using to update your mods? Thanks.

Sorry that I have been away for so long. Great game, Funcom should not let this die.

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Personally I dont use a program to update mods for SWL. They dont change often enough to require this. I follow the 2-3 main modders that still occasionally work on mods for SWL and manually update/install them when needed.


ditto on they don’t change often & manual updates
several modders have moved from curseforge to github though so try searching there too?


South Africa turned four this week.

Untold Stories mod adds some interesting stuff to find.
Community “Missions”, artworks, and the like scattered around the map from almost all zones.
(I added “” on missions cause, they are not like the in-game missions)
I personally love to find fanarts everywhere!

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