Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread

sigh, the poll is not about the dodge. it is about the “running acceleration” which affects also swimming, climbing, jumping, sliding.

As it seems like a big part of the motivation around this is to balance how players engage and disengage each other from combat, Perhaps a suggestion would be to have something like this affect players once receiving damage from another player, I feel the trade off in all round general mobility is too much to warrant such a change being healthy for the game.

I get where the devs are coming from with this change and I agree it is something they needed to address, but this too heavily nerfs the way players experience the game outside of 1 on 1 combat. So this is why I suggest more closely tying it to combat by making this only take affect once the player either enters a combat stance or takes some form of combat damage.

Thats just my 2 cents.


it is not about your post but about the posts of other people who don’t give feedback on the “running” mechanic but only on the dodging one. hope it is now clear.


I was talking in gameplay terms :stuck_out_tongue:

Wearing myself enough steel every week-end or so, I know that one can move and fight event with 20kg+ of equipment but this is not the point here, as you said. Fantasy gameplay says heavy armor must make you feel this heaviness, in order to make the ligher equipments competitive.

And here I feel like I’m weighting half a ton with my small silk skirt >.<


I like the change. Maybe you should add another kind of roll a diving one this time for these direction left + forward, forward and right + forward when we have the sprint button pushed. A move who go more far more fast and maybe who cost more.

I read ppl who want more difficulty for the survival side of the game, but i read ppl who say its hard to 1v1 a giant scorpion. Good continuation Funcom thx for this maj.

do you like the way you run around in your base, gather stone or slide down the cliffs after patch?


You’re talking about the Dodge changes. This is explicitly not about those (yes I didn’t find that obvious either, but now you know).


This new movement has ruined a lot of the animations associated with movement. Chopping wood continuously now looks like the characters shoulder is dislocating. Swimming forward and then stopping now looks and feels janky. Ugh I can handle the new momentum but the way it changes the previous fluidity to motions and animations is just unsettling.


I hate the movement changes and I would have prefered to be asked as a player before things like that go life. It reminds me of the derketo update, where you log in and your thralls make noises like they are in a brothel.

I really have to say, by all means, but how can a company failing so hard turning a game that has such a high potential into a duster game? I have to wonder who comes up with such ideas like this and thinks this is good. There are hundreds of posts in this forum and on reddit, where people make suggestions how the game could be improved, how the pvp could be better. And you change the whole movement system without thinking twice about the consequences. Simple tasks like chopping wood or going through doors are so annoying now that I can´t stand playing this game for longer than 5 minutes.

I don´t get that no one of you guys is ever thinking things like this through. This is the first time I didn´t bought a dlc. Because this game is unplayable for me. Sorry.


Yes and just for being clear i have voted the neutral one.


I chose neutral because I like the direction this game is going combat wise, it was way too easy to get to a safe distance after an attack whether it was against npc’s or other players, but I agree it has affected harvesting and general non-combat movement in a negative way making it more of a pain.

Also I only hear few people mentioning the sliding as if floor is slippery with oil or as if you are on ice when stopping a movement - This has killed me a few times because I was sliding into a trap(Klael’s Stronghold) or off a cliff.
To better describe what the sliding is, I continue to move in some sort of slow motion after letting go off controls, my character keeps moving in a much slower pace until it hit something that will prevent further movement, I saw this the first time after the Wine Cellar was introduced and only there back then.
After the Blood and Sands update it spread to also could happen in most of the area around Sepermeru and after Mounts update it can now happen in any dungeon and several parts of the world, not all the time but still frequently and it is annoying as hell, it completely breaks the immersion.

Back to the new momentum-based movement, I think with a little fine-tuning it can become a good thing that will make you plan your attacks better, in my opinion it was with fast dodge roll way too easy to disengage and get to safe distance in a fight whenever got in a bit of trouble, so please don’t scrap the idea, but work on it to make it more balanced :slight_smile:

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Well i wan.t back old system where ppl with pvp skills can actually fight 5 or 10 ppl i spent so much time playing pvp servers and there was no problems i just wan.t back old dodging and movement no one had any issues with that until this update came up first it was only planned to add thrall levels and mounts but no of corse funcom had to break this game completely it’s very sad i hope old pvp system comes back so i can keep playing this great game again :confused:


When I look at the poll results, I think that most people who enjoy the changes are now playing the game :heart_eyes: and the rest stayed on the forum to complain :confounded: or to read what others have written and remain neutral :neutral_face:… but it can be good for everyone. :fist_right: :broken_heart: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Let’s be nice and try to understand each other. This topic is after all to point out a few problems and to show how the new system influenced the game.

Along with the new system of movement, several serious bugs disappeared, which directly prevented proper gameplay :scream: (I’m talking about the impossibility of hitting low opponents or collecting some raw materials). :+1:

It bothers me a bit that the movement of the mount :racehorse: does not depend on the rotation of the camera :video_camera: at all, but I understand the benefits of it. It’s easier to stay on course :upside_down_face: at a gallop and during a fight. :crossed_swords:

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Me and my friends like it on XBOX and we’re playing now chasing those runaway
players just got easier, ahahaha

Even hit some arrows in their ■■■■■ too.


Something is strange with the pick too… Using an OIL which is based on TIME did get indirectly nerfed with this strange movement crap and with the new pick-axe animation…

Well no offense, but by seeing the majority talking about dodge and the movement system with in the same breath they take, should point to one thing: For most of the players dodge roll and the movement system is connected, both no longer feel fluent… you need some secs to speed up, than you do a dodge roll, which nearly lets you a static roll in one place which takes ages and than you speed up again. befor you could run around the map, do a fluent dodge roll along the side of a boss and run on… now you are forst to get stuck. the whole system all in all feels like you are FORCED to get hit, there is no athletic feeling in the new system and it doesn realy feel like you are agile, even if you have agility 50… you still feel like a big ■■■ feighter in need to speed up…and this process you are forced to endure when ever you stopped or were forced to stop.


My comment is about momentum. The feeling that my character just stepped on black ice and am about to fall with each and every step I take. Ice sports anyone? :stuck_out_tongue: I would love to see some adjustments that take that feeling away. Grabbing the sides of mountains and cliffs needs to be adjusted as well. There were many encounters before this patch that my character could magically loose its’ grip just as they reached the top of mountain only to fall to the bottom. It is much more unforgiving than before. I understand you want folks to “not get away”. What if… A rope appears upon decent and the soul chasing you had to use an axe to chop the rope? (day dreaming now!) Thank you for the opinion poll and the all the hard work that went into this update.

The momentum part was not a good idea. I seen it in the dev stream, but paid it no mind because it seemed as such a small thing. After playing the game all day trying to level up thralls and build a new base, it is a big pain in the behind. I understand what you were going for, but it doesnt work in this type of game. You would need every encounter to have a “break” of sorts for this feature to be implemented properly without it messin up the rest of the game. When i load in my base, if it lets me move while its still loading, thats how i move but its because im lagging and the base is still loading. I dont want to have that all the time.

When doing pve and u engage multiple npcs at once. Its either die or survive. That should not be the case. I understand you wanna disable disengage but you should be able to runaway a bit to load up another poison or switch arrows or something real quick.

“But the thralls do the heavy lifting”. not when u cant run to get behind them for protection. I left a lengthy feedback about pve portion under the ps4 rollout thread.

In regards to pvp, the momentum feels ridiculous. My clan was dueling each other trying to get use to the new mechanics and to find out what works. Mind you we were going for 3 hrs straight. Its feels like its a straight up dps fight. The dodge is so slow if someone starts a combo and you dodge only the first attack is negated. You try to back up at all and its no use. If ur in light armor and dont have max vit your getting one shotted. Pvping as an archer you cannot move quick enough to fight, once the other person gets to you your done.

Imo, whats wrong with this setup is i believe when u think pvp you picture dueling in an arena like i do. Thats not the case in this game though. The momentum needs to go back to the way it was and the dodge needs to be reworked. I realize this thread is only about the momentum but they gonhand in hand with player experience. But the walking/runnin back to how it was and if you want the dodge to negate an attack speed it up. You can nuke its length, but speed everything up to where it atleast feels responsive.


Hello i think it should be adjusted , now its only painful and bad , idea is good but implementation wrong.

The new momentum-based movement is not enjoyable with standard movements (walking). It does not make any sense to delay the start if your walking ability. It would have made more sense to delay your sprint from walking. That would have made more sense and follow what I thought the developers wanted to accomplish which I interpreted as a means to prevent players from attacking and immediately dodging away or instantly sprinting out of range.