Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread

I just wanted to make clear that I created a Funcom forum account just for this thread.
I am a PvE player in Conan Exiles like many other people. The new movement changes are simply horrible. The game has gone from smooth to unresponsive. It feels like I am trying to turn around a truck every time I want to move from one chest to the next. The experience is excruciatingly slow and aggravating.

Dear Funcom: If you want to balance PvP, do it on the servers that play PvP. Please do not ruin the experience for all your other players at the same time.


Like most everyone has said it just feels very sluggish and forced to do anything. Hopefully they take our concerns seriously and work to fix things.


Movement is too difficult trying to do small movements within an area ( as in from a crafting area then turning to a bench or a chest nearby. ) It feels like the character is swimming… hitting a resistance. It’s maddening.

Also, if mobs can chase me and not tire out, I should be able to recover from a stamina drain and go into an immediate sprint. The one fleeing is already gimped due to the sprinting stamina drain - no need to dbl dip.

I chose dislike due to this.


Same here. These are forcing me to change my playstyle to something I don’t like. I’m kinda mad.

The momentum change is compounded by the rolling change. My nimble assassin character is now a fat tortoise. The i-frames on dodge are kind of nice, except that if I don’t dodge away from an attacker in the first place, I’m almost definitely going to get hit by the next follow-up attack. And even if I attack first, my attack doesn’t interrupt the enemy’s. I spend a lot more time since the change healing myself and am pigeon-holed into switching to 2h to even have a chance at dealing with more than maybe 2 enemies.

I like daggers. These changes force me to take some agility, carry a 2h weapon (which means I need some extra enc also), and take higher vit (since even one hit from an elite mob is so damaging). I literally can’t fight large mobs with wide attack cones anymore (like the boss croc) unless I bring a thrall (and hope the thrall doesn’t die… nerf stick here again). I feel like I can’t count on being able to dodge attacks in general anymore. I know I can build around it, but meh, I LIKE DAGGERS.

And I really don’t see how running momentum balances PvP when everyone either has momentum or doesn’t. And let’s not ignore the big skeleton in the closet: it just isn’t fun! Minimally the running and rolling changes destroy the nimble rogue type builds completely and give full advantage to 2h weapons with reach and heavy armor. Not a fan. It’s really hurting my interest in playing the game the last few days. I still do, mainly looking for horses, but I’ll get bored of that eventually…


This change will backfire on the PvP improvement front. The new PvP meta will be weapons with long reach and wide arcs, greathammer, greatsword, and abusing the iframe on roll. Running session are over with, but PvP will now be attack or bluff to tempt a roll, who attacks first?, boom, someone’s dead.

It’ll literally be rock paper scissors, except for the jerk who uses a bow.

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Dont get me wrong their are things that i do like about the movement. However, the bad greatly outweighs the good

  1. Light/medium armors are useless now. Everyone is slow so you might as well use heavy armor

  2. You must carry daggers at all times so that you can backflip, much much faster than the roll

  3. Aspects of the game such as raiding and farming are now so very slow. With a 6 hour a raid cant even be completed because pvp battles now take so long

  4. Hand to hand combat is dead with the update bow and arrow is now the meta

  5. It feels like ypu are always using stamina and working your ■■■ off just to move forward an inch


I play PVE, the NPC’s eat me. They always have.
I mitigate this by timing my attacks, baiting and moving in and out of range.

Now, once combat is joined If I do not have the stamina to kill my opponent outright, I cannot triumph.
I cannot get away, I cannot maneuver.
I’m stuck in mud.
This is only exacerbated by the changes to Hammer, where its attacks are sluggish now, and trading blows is now a disaster.
So I cannot trade blows, I cannot evade to time my attacks, I cannot retreat.
I can die or avoid combat entirely.
Meanwhile I can equip a mace and trade blows over and over, interrupting the opponent and taking minimal damage… You just took all the fun out of combat. It felt so good before, and feels like crap now.

Moving within my base between crafting stations is a slog, I just don’t understand what you are doing unless this is for PVP.
I can see why dodging was a problem for PVP, but the movement + dodge changes + hammer changes in combination just ruins this game for me.

I logged off last night so pissed off, I wanted to chuck my mouse.


I vote dislike on the movement for much of the same reasons already listed. The game is unplayable to me now and i have nearly 2k hrs invested.

1.The parkour was one of my favorite parts. I realize it wasnt realistic to be spiderman but its a GAME it shouldnt be. I liked being spiderman. IT WAS FUN!

  1. To do all the work to max a build that will be ALMOST as fast as we used to be is horrid. ITS NOT FUN!

3.The resource gathering is intolerable. Alot of people couldnt play this game because of the huge time requirment. Now only people with no jobs AND no familys can put in enough time and why would they want to?? ITS NOT FUN!

At the end of the day its a game and above all needs to be fun not somthing you have to deal with. I get that enough in real life. Please roll back the system completely.


About your point 2, one thing I want to make clear, I have a private server where we play lvl 300 mod and have all attributes over 50. There is no build that is even close to as fast as we used to be. You’re slow as a tortoise even with 100 agility.

Agility does help reaction time after a roll to an extent, but the roll itself is still atrociously slow and short range.


I would like funcom to change the movement back to how it was before because It feels like I’m ice skating. Also I’ve died multiple time trying to climb down a hill because it’s so slow to grab on


I think the last post pretty much summarizes what is wrong with the new movement system. It just isn’t fun, it feels like a chore to move around.
I would have much rather prefered they remove PvP entirely from this game than do what they did.


endorce every word you said there frog.

no offence but, you must be new around here, they DONT listen, several of us has warned them about what was about to happen (And it is happening) regarding this patch… see where we are now. ( FUNCOM WE TOLD YOU, you never listened. we suggested to hold the patch , test it more, but you did not, i guess you needed to sell the DLC , and when this “thing” you called a patch, went to test live it was already out for platform validation (XBOX , PS4).

the reason why the patch got rushed is mostly because commercial reasons. someone from FC come and prove me wrong.

BTW the lag is even worse than it used to be…


The most fundamentally negative impact of this change is that it services the advantage of large groups of players over small groups of players or solo players.

By nerfing the speed and functionality of dodge rolls, you’ve made it that much more difficult for farmers and anyone outnumbered to survive an encounter-- or win it. Part of what has made Conan Exiles so beloved by its players is how it rewards skill, and this patch is a really disappointing step in the wrong direction.


Prior to this patch, I LOVED the movement system.

It was smooth, looked realistic (enough), and the little animations you added for jumping off small ledges and wading into the water was PERFECT, and APPRECIATED.

When I first played this new patch, it reminded me of a game I absolutely hate.

The Witcher 3.

I bought, downloaded and tried to play the Witcher 3, for about 20 minutes. And I gave up on it, because the movment system was clunky and stupid.

I am clunky and stupid enough IRL, I don’t need the added weight to my movements when its just gonna get me killed in way to many situations.

I promise you.

Some people will QUIT this game when they get surrounded by skeletons, or hyenas, or get stuck in a rhino head… and DIE, because not only were they fighting the mobs… but they were fighting game mechanics.

You know that hopeless feeling, where you know your about to get creamed because your too slow and stupid to walk away from whatever is behind you? You just added that feeling into the game. It’s not fun, and it will just ruin peoples free time.

You just added an extra hurdle that does not need to be there.

People will go play Death Stranding, or Red Dead Redemption, or whatever else they have to choose from after your changes piss them off for the last time.

(Aside from that, I like the mounts and thrall renaming.)

My advice is this.

Don’t try to balance something that will never be balanced… at a cost of fun.

This is a GAME, it’s our free time, we are here to enjoy it… not to suffer.


Creo que puedo hablar como jugador bastante experimentado después de 2900 horas en este juego, los jugadores PVP high, en su mayoría, detestamos la nueva voltereta y el arranque del muñeco, asi es imposible hacer batallas campales como las que solíamos hacer con mas de 20 personas pegándonos a la vez, si con el sistema anterior con que te viniera a atacarte 1 arquero y otro con 1 martillo ya era difícil escapar, ahora es imposible, igual que yo, mucha de la gente con la juego tienen mas de 2000 horas y no he escuchado a ninguna de ellas que la nueva voltereta le guste, de echo, la gran mayoría están desinstalando el juego, el resto de cambios pues bueno, nos acostumbramos a ellos como hemos hecho hasta ahora, pero el de la voltereta o arranque del muñeco es imposible para batallas PVP de jugadores que saben pelear.

While it is taking a little bit to get used to, it’s not all that shocking for me. I have played plenty of games that have a similar movement mechanic. Over all, my impression is that it is smooth, more realistic in many respects, and frankly way better for PvP (better as in makes PvP more complex and challenging).

The only movement issue that I have is what’s going on with farming/swinging a tool. I can’t imagine this hiccup after each swing was intended and will hopefully be rectified.

Witcher 3 had a steep learning curve (after coming from, say, the Souls series), but I really learned to be proficient at it and came to enjoy it. For me at least, I could see reasoning behind it (and that reasoning is supported in the descriptions of combat in the Witcher novels). I know you didn’t like it, but it was functional (though not my fav combat system). This is not the case with this 12/5 patch for Conan.

But man, you nailed it about fighting the game mechanics post the 12/5 patch. It feels like I am fighting the game mechanics vs. enemies. As a solo offline player, I had to be really judicious about what kind of fights I got it into, and this makes the risk too high to get into fights at all :frowning:

As of right now, I can’t see any way to make combat tolerable other than to just beef up my damage output in the admin console to compensate for the total inability to disengage from combat. But like I said in my post above, if I have to cheat via the admin console to survive in this game, I’ll just grind out my last PS4 trophies via the admin console and put the game in the bin.

I have supported this game and tolerated a lot, but this is really the last straw. I’ve got nothing left.


Please release a hotfix asap to cancel Momentum-based movement and Roll/Dodge changes and go back to the old ones.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I am afraid there has been a paradigm shift and you are simply going to have to adjust.

I actually prefer the new dodge/roll and I’m good with the movement changes as well. Movement, to me, feels like it has weight now.


Oh, and thus definitely is not a bug. Thus should be in suggestions. Or in the massive movement feedback thread.