Momentum Perk in 3.0

Ah yeah but you didn’t say “to me.” You said it like a flat statement, like this is objectively what it’s about and too bad for anyone who disagrees coz you’re gonna come with your mates and wipe them.

Btw I’m not an honourable knight I roleplay being an unfindable solo hernit who annoys wipers until they get bored and leave.


@Ethel, @droch-aon and @Firecrow in this little argument you just given a small picture and beautiful example how this true barbaric form of this game can become civil and fun. That’s exactly one of the things I miss the most from pvp, thank you for that, you are awesome guys :+1:t6:.

Ps, I was starting putting hearts but I have no more :rage:, sorry guys.

Edit, hearts on position as promised, thanks for your patience :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


This pvp mind set of wiping others constantly is making me feel like it’s a nursing home :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: that pvp must have a lot of :poop: flying around here some extra :roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper:
Sounds and smells like you all need it

Computers are an audio visual medium, The other senses are not supported.

Smell somethin?
Check yer breeks mate. :slight_smile:


We can rejoice @Missedtrashday, the ‘Momentum’ perk is indeed still in Conan Exiles after Update 3.0! It has now been remaned the ‘Beast of Burden’, and is one of the two 20 Perks for the new Expertise Attribute. Its description is as follows:

20 Perk - Choice 1- Beast of Burden - When over-encumbered, you can dodge and move at full speed.


People like Ethel are the exact reason I won’t touch a pvp server. He’s not the only one and there are many of them on PvP servers across all video games. its not enough to simply fight players you come across, you have to steal everything they have, destroy everything they own, and relish in the fact that the pvp player is destroying the time, dedication, and enjoyment other people feel. These people laugh with their friends about how other people are weak, upset, or any other discriminating factors to bully others. Calling them out also makes them feel better because now they see you’re upset and its like that rush of cocaine and they need more, its their whole purpose in life. Hence why when it comes to pvp / pve balance, transfers, rules, and mechanics they need to be completely separate and as far away as possible from each other.

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