Monthly fee for better decay timer? Or another solution?

So despite glitches etc I do enjoy this game. The survival genre was new to me and the experience in Conan Exiles has been not quite but something akin to my first MMORPG experience. (Almosy all of us had one). So the problem for me is the long hiatus and breaks that I have to take due to travel and work. Makes building anything substantial a complete waste of time. I also understand that we cant have everything be permanent because the servers would be cluttered up. So I dont know what’s possible but I thought I would state my thoughts as to what would make it work better for me and see if others maybe feel the same. I would be willing to pay 20 bucks (or whatever the normal DLC fee usually is) in order to get arou d the decay timer. Not totally mind you but what I was thinking would be something along this line: The 20 bucks would get me 1, I repeat ONE uber foundation stone. That stone would extend the decay timer for whatever was attached to it either indefinitely, for at least 1 month, or add a feature where you pay up rent to keep your building from decaying sort of like in other mmos. I prefer indefinitely or the rent method with no cap on deposit, but at this point I’d take whatever as progress. Of course each account would only be allowed 1 of those stones, limit 1 per guild, whatever. Only building pieces attached to this special foundation stone would be immune/resilient to decay, and I’d say even put a square area limit on it, like say only pieces attached and that are within so many meters (such as how thrall pots work for feeding radius). This way the server wouldnt get filled up with a bunch of satellite camps/etc that come and go. At the very least this would mean going to the beach for a week (for us non guilders) wouldnt mean coming back to nothing but the clothes on our back. Heck some regions even get power or the internet knocked out for days at a time due to tornadoes and hurricanes.

Anyway what I’m expressing here is the strength of my desire and financial willingness to build in one location in order to relax about it and enjoy the process and not have to worry about decay destroying hours and hours of gathering, refining and building as these activities are a major aspect of the game.

Some people like the evolving ecology of new people.

Crios doesn’t want the technical and financial overhead of a private server. He just wants to have fun, and offer value to service that doesn’t exist right now on an official capacity.

I find private servers to be quite irresponsible towards people who do put alot of effort in those servers, only to lose it all when the host doesn’t want to pay for those servers anymore.

And if you set up a communal constellation of maintaining these servers (several owners) it takes alot of coordination and integrity to do. Most of us do that in our jobs in RL. We don’t need that in game, just to counter decay.

I think offering a “premium server” with a subscription and official admin support would offer young people an entry level job into the games industry.

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In the context of buying decay… I get where you are coming from. It’s somewhat akin to buying inventory slots on TESO.

Thanks for the feedback gang. I’d be open to whatever. I’d prefer an “ancient founding stone” that prevents decay for everything attached to it within a certain radius and would be willing to pay up to 20 bucks or so for that one feature if that was a better option. Id just enjoy the game immensely more if not for the very quick decay rate for structures.

The renting a server thing is a good suggestion. However my concern is that 1 it would be really expensive for more than 10 slots, and 2 that my only option would be either decay or no decay at all. Admittedly I haven’t played around with decay rate much as an admin. However the upside to having a server of my own would be that I could do a casual RP/naming thing for the server and attract like minded people in addition to bypassing the decay rate nuisance.

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Well, i’ve been maintaining my bases on an official server for a year now.

I once flew to Hong Kong for a 11 day vacation during chinese new year. I had a gamer laptop, but not enough ping to log on to the server to refresh my base… so I actually had to contact a few in-active guild mates to help me out with the refresh.

I am good friends with most people on the server, enough so one of them even trusted me with an alt account to refresh his things during an emergency.

I have set up an alt account aswell for emergencies and added a few friends on What’s App.

Some people say that online friends aren’t real friends. But a party is always what you make of it. Many married couples are proof of this.

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