Moonwalk again - Character starts sliding after I stop walking or running

Game mode: [Single-player)] no mods
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Region: EU

If I don’t reduce the fps in the game options my character starts sliding when I try to stop. This problem was already posted but I can’t find any solution. Here the specs of my system : Intel I9-9900 (8x 3.1); 32 GB DDR4; SSD; Nvidia RTX Super 8GB; Windows 10. What can I do?

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First off all: GREAT Siptah-expansion! Had a really nice exile-weekend. :blush:
My solution (quite simple) to the problem described above: Moonwalk was gone after changing main settings: instead “full screen” I use the “windows” mode.

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Ok. It’s not completely resolved. Sometimes near the coast or in my new (small) base my character still shows this strange movement behavior. Any suggestions?

Hey @Murmler

Thanks for the feedback. Our team is aware of the issue and they’ll look into it.

Perfect :pray: thanks a lot!

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