Moonwalk emote missing

When I type /moonwalk my character doesn’t moonwalk.

Bank Heist requires this emote…

( /moonwalk_pro is also missing, pretty sure I unlocked that one early in swl)

I’m sorry for any confusion. The Moonwalk and Moonwalk Pro emotes can only be used from the Emote Window (default keybind Ctrl+O).

This is the intended behavior, but we’re happy to hear any feedback you may have.

I find it easier to use keyboard commands than the mouse, not much other than that. Plus I can redefine the macros to words I remember (eg. I have /cower do /coveredeyes)

Typing emotes is also better for RP, when you need to instantly smash out an animation quickly rather than have a UI window already open, select the correct category and then scroll to find the one you want. By that time the moment has already passed.


A few emotes had their /commands removed because of an exploit. Can’t go into more detail about that for obvious reasons.

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