More Animal Outfits

The first two cosmetic expansions did not come with animal outfits like the last two. It would be cool to see what kinds of things they could have. Also it feels a bit like a kick in the nadds to not have them now that the latest two do.

But the last two DLCs have no placeables at all instead. It’s all honest I think.

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Personally I’m much in favor of placeables / decorations over the pet skins, but in an ideal world all DLC packs would include both. Alternately, focus solely on one or the other.


i thing thas good point, its rare u get update to dlcs, but as they said these dlcs are make by artists, and they maybe have some free time, so meybe let em supp animal for first two dlcs, and aad workbench for last ones

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Heh, CG artists never have free time - due to the simple fact that something could always be better, so an artist’s job is always making the most of the time given.

Ask an artist to make a Foundation in an hour - they’ll make it in an hour, or ask them to spend a day - or a week - and they can do that too. The more time, the better the result*.

*up to a point, but in practice that’s almost never a point you reach in an actual production IME

Just pulling your leg, I see your point, I just wouldn’t put my hopes in artists having free time as it were :slight_smile:

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Ko6ka what are you smoking? The Savage Frontier and Imperial East packs both added New building pieces, weapons, esthetic items, and the pet stuff. Or do you not consider new things to build with as placeables?

ko6ka has right, last two didnt add decor, frontier and yamatai btw. but they added pet skins instead

also pets were aded after first two dlcs, along with frontier

but i would like to see em add animal skins for first two dlcs and decr for last ones

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New building skins are not the same as new decorative items, I think it’s perfectly fine to consider those two separate categories

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Hmmm… Building pieces != Placeables if you know what I mean. Can you pick up your Aquilonian bed or your Khitan lantern? Now try to pick up your Pictish wall without some Pickup+. Funcom people provide a clear demarcation between both types.

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