More animations and placeables

More animations. Currently the way our character sits is dependent upon the chair we sit in but I think it would be better for us to be able to select which way we want our character to sit in any chair.

Eating and drinking animations. It would be awesome to be able to sit at a table and interact with drinks and food. Picking them up and just holding them until pressing a button to either eat or put the food or drink down. My clan and I like to roleplay and after an intense purge where a dragon destroys a fair portion of our town, some animals, and thralls yet we defeat the dragon and stand victorious we like to have a drink. Our characters just stand there as we down 6-8 different types of drinks and then we run about the town without any issues.

That brings up another animation we’d like to see. Stumbling, falling over, and vomiting. When our characters are drunk we move around at normal speeds and with ease, minus the purple blurred screen. It would be great to see our characters stumbling about at a much slower pace based on how drunk we are and once we’re out of stamina we could fall down (side note: if we’re standing still our stamina should regen slowly). If we drink too much then our character could fall to the ground and vomit or even stand there and vomit which could reduce the duration of being drunk.

We’d also like to be able to place things down on tables like food and drinks and be able to use them. It could start with placing a plate or bowl and then entering its inventory and transferring the desired food item into it and then that item would appear on the plate or in the bowl. We could then interact with said item and our character would consume the item. The same goes for drinks. We have mugs but can’t fill them. We should be able to fill them and then interact with them to consume them.

Thrall animations. This is a big one and I can definitely see potential issues with severe lag but it’s still a topic that is frequently discussed on our server. We would like to see thralls actually doing something besides standing still all the time. It would be awesome to be able to tell our guards to patrol certain areas where they would essentially walk back and forth and that could be further expanded to allow us to place different waypoints for a particular guard and then that guard would walk that patrol route.

Having thralls wander about the town/city would also be nice. Maybe we could set a behavior for them such as having a civilian behavior where that thrall would walk around town and talk to other thralls. Being able to determine a thrall’s home and bed would be fun too where that thrall could walk about the house and use different stations (they don’t have to actually craft anything) and could sleep when night came. They would also meander about the town. Allow players to set an invisible fence for where the town is so these thralls don’t wander off into the wilderness.

In fact it would be interesting to see some thralls drinking in the evening and then stumbling around trying to get home or go to an inn depending on what the players have built for their thralls. I would love to build a tavern that has a series of rooms in it for thralls to spend the night in (I am building something like that for my clan) but since thralls don’t need to sleep and just stand still all day/night it wouldn’t make sense to build such a structure.

We should be able to pick a dance for performers. Let’s face it some of these dances… They’re ridiculous… Watching a naked female do the Cimmerian Dance is just awkward. The kicks, spins, and hand stand thing… It just isn’t appealing to watch even if they’re clothed and they dance 24/7. I think we should be able to tell them to dance, which dance to perform, and be able to stop them from dancing altogether (which would remove the bonuses they give for performing). That system could even go further by having the performer stop dancing after a certain period of time and then they would need to rest or at the very least would need to be told to dance again.

My clan has suggested that we be able to assign certain thralls to gather materials in an area that we determine for them and I like the thought of it cause we could build mining camps and have them work the area but at the same time that would make it really easy to gather materials. I think if that idea were to be entertained the benefits could be balanced by making it so that they don’t gather anywhere near the same amount that we can, they gather very slowly, and they’re tools can break and will need to be repaired. So essentially giving them I high tier pick would only be beneficial in the sense that it’s durability is higher than a low tier pick but the gather rate should essentially be like us using a stone tool and they would walk to their resources, never run. They would also have to be able to place their materials somewhere when they get full so we would need to be able to designate where they could place their materials.

I know that system involves quite a lot of micro-management but some of us wouldn’t mind doing that.

A little off topic here but a tamed thrall is entirely too strong and we should be able to change those settings in the server. I’ve tested the 2 values we have (Minion Damage Multiplier and Minion Damage Taken Multiplier) and neither of them do ANYTHING. The same T4 thrall I could slaughter on the beach with a few swings (Our config gives them 2x HP) is almost impossible to kill once tamed. I watched one T4 thrall run into The Summoning Place while I took on 4 enemies just outside of it and he killed EVERYTHING, came back to me and killed the last enemy I was fighting with 1 swing. 1 hit took a fully healed enemy out while I was using better equipment and it took me multiple attacks to do that amount of damage.
We need to be able to control how much health they have and how much damage they do and it actually work cause tamed thralls are entirely too powerful currently.

NOTE: We play on PS4 so mods aren’t an option for us but I believe these additions would be beneficial on all platforms.


I second. Pace wise, any quantity variable can be balanced so there’s no need to discuss them farther than that. It all comes to the devs’ workload and how the engine behaves.

I hope each of these will surface in the game. They would make the progression and exploration feel significantly more worthy of the effort, style wise.

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