More arbitrary changes - Lifeblood Spear

I would not let my thrall carry this unless, out of combat. The chance of them throwing it at an enemy is to great for me to lose it. I only give it to them to heal and then take it away. This spear in no way should be even considered legendary in this state. Funcom should nerf ALL T4 PURGE BLACKSMITH’s legendary repair kits to only repair 50 points of durability to weapons. This is exactly what they did to the spear’s healing ability. Should not be a problem right? Just carry more legendary repair kits. :crazy_face:

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Does this happen? My thrall has carried a lifeblood spear for many many many many months and never had this occur.

Doh, my bad. I confused it with Riptide. My bad.


well you tell me, why if barely no one used it, why all this shenanigan happen on the forum since the nerf ?

So? What did we do without this thing.

We ate fish sticks and made aloe potions. We relied on Ambrosia, and Yog Meat. The game was playable.

Long story short we managed and had to carry things.

I liked my Spear just as much as everyone else. I could fight legendary everything without ever worrying about death. The only death I feared was falling off a cliff. But I did like the spear.

But this is not game breaking except for people who didn’t want to carry the previously mentioned items. Potions etc.

We now have the soothing buff in it’s place. The spear still works and makes a solid traveling item for some regen on top of the food you bring with you. Add in the soothing buff and we have more heal options than before the spear was implemented. Before that spear the only option was consumables.

While I mourn it’s loss as much as everyone else, due to the fact that I could farm a location indefinitely eating minimal food or potions, I also see why it was brought to a reasonable level of effectiveness.

With 50-100 purified water and 100 fishsticks, I could literally stay in the Unnamed City for hours on end, get a few hearts and never worry about dying.

A weapon should be a weapon, but invulnerability should not be a thing.

I am only referring to PVE content, as I would never have used it in PVP ever. But for PVE nothing should make you invulnerable by just running around and regening all of your life.


If you have to run around avoiding stuff, you aren’t invincible.

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Actually it kind of cheeses things no? I mean, I can lay the smack down on an NPC or Monster. Run circles around it and within seconds heal up to full, and reengage taking the thing out. Simple dodge roll and circle and I could basically end every foe.

Sure running around does not make you invincible, I could wear Zamorian Dancer gear and literally take on mobs of bandits and prowlers in Sep. Soon as I took damage I could withdraw and return a few seconds later.

That being said. We could always do this with potions and food.

The thing still gives us ticks of health. Combined with food, potions and soothing, it is still heavily viable.

Essentially. We got spoiled by this thing.



You can still do the same thing with Healing items, and no NPC, outside of bosses, are ever going to be a threat one on one anyway. They are only a threat in a group because they can stun lock you, and the spear wasn’t going to save you from that.

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Exactly my point in the first place. We now have more healing option than we did before. This one item everyone apparently needs was not really needed. Even players who loathed the spear/pike etc would carry one just because it healed mass amounts in no time of all.

But, it still does a thing. It still heals. It will still be valuable. The tick is not that horrible as it heals though damage. That’s still some pretty godlike power if you ask me, because nothing does that in the game. It is still 100% unique in that regards.

It was like being freaking Wolverine.

Could you imagine the freakout if enemies regenerated so quickly. The place would lose it’s mind.

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Ok, so the ITEM is NOT NEEDED and you can heal with other stuff the same.

So: Why nerf it then?

Either your arguments have a logic error or make no sense. Like “you can heal with items fine” but bloodspear suddenly was “wolverine mode”?! Make up your mind.


It was wolverine mode. With the spear I never carried aloe potions and the basic of food…even just shellfish were enough to survive pretty much anything. And the only reason you needed food to to stave off starvation.

I believe everything I have said makes perfect sense and is logical.

I was simply asking. What did we do before this weapon became available?

Everyone thinks the sky is falling, but we have more healing options now.

The biggest advantage to this spear was that it saved on encumbrance and healed as well as it did.

Sword of Crom is another really great example.

The damage is amazing still even after it got nerfed. No player ever physically used the thing because of the stamina drain.

In the hands of a Thrall…which is where it always has been it’s still better than the Sword of the Adventurer. Sword of the Adventurer is still better wielded by players.

Nothing I have said is untrue. I have tons of these Spears. Im just not going to get bent up over it. The sky is not falling.

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Never had a lifeblood spear but i did/do run around the boss regening health to full using food/drink and potions, should that be nerfed?


Yes, from the next patch onwards health will regain at RL speed only. Get a nasty injury, expect 5-6 months of real time recovery. Your decay timer will still run while your character recuperates. F.U.N!

I don’t have a horse in this race, I don’t own the spear and still manage to kill whatever bosses I feel like killing, so there’s no change for me really. If anything it’s a pseudo buff for those who don’t own the spear, as encounters might otherwise (eventually) be designed around players having access to the healing of the spear.


Not at all. Food and drink and potions take space and encumbrance. They lowered the weight on many of the potions.

Aguably I used this weapon to great effect because I am a glass cannon low vitality archery build wearing regular flawless Stygian Raider.

With one of these I could forgo food and potions and farm monsters all day. I can roughly take 1 to 2 hits from the Red Mother.

With this thing (Also I think people are missing the point that I loved the spear) I could have my thrall take aggro. Shoot at the dragon or dagger it for bleeds and scorpion venom.

I could disengage if I was near death. And trust me. She could kill me easy. Heal up to full. Plonk her with arrows. Then reengage with full health.

My point is that now I have to sacrifice something because I have to bring cosumeables. Which means less loot per run. Also meaning less arrows I can carry. Also meaning less time I can spend in an area.

I can simply see why it was adjusted. And I got more use out of it than a lot of the high strength and vitality builds out there.

I agree that the health should be increased. Although someone mentiones a vampiric effect which I thought would be much cooler. You gain healing upon damaging something else. Which sounds like something a Life Blood Spear should do.

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They did go a little far, it basically does not work anymore. I was expecting a small nerf, a longer heal time or something, but not the complete breakage of it. This was one of the first things I tested post patch. If it IS healing, then its at such a slow rate I might as well alt-tab and watch all of the seasons of GOT while I wait.


12 HPs a minute…is that what your saying? That’s not healing, I can heal quicker sitting down. THIS is the issue, do not go from extreme to extreme, please find the middle ground. I personally would like to see them reinstate the healing as it was, BUT, as a stamina drain. For every HP healed it drains 1 stamina. That should appease the gods of PVP conformity and its not fairness. I think the Devs hear our cries of despair and I have confidence they will balance this out.

It just reminds me of a game series i play called Dragon Age, i loved going the healer for my party but in the 3rd game they decided to take healer out citing something along the lines of it makes the game easy or balancing or some other nonsense, i say nonsense because what wee then got was armour on hit, aoe healing potions, armour potions, barrier, guard etc etc, basically the damn healer class in a bottle.

I mention this because nothing changed apart from convenience, what they have done by changing lifeblood is absolutely nothing apart from add a bit of weight to your inventory but what they caused is alot of annoyed ppl by the looks of it due to rng gods and the fact they liked the convenience of using it.

Much like taking the healer out of Dragon Age all nerfing Lifeblood did was annoy ppl nothing else hence why i asked if food was being nerfed because i could use soup an potiln to get full hp faster than what Lifeblood did, lifeblood was just convenient for getting gack to the boss a wee bit faster i guess.

Sorry for the rant

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To point- then don’t add it to the game. Don’t call it the Lifeblood Spear. Call it the we made this OP and expect a nerf in the future spear. You still don’t get the issue, do you?