More arbitrary changes - Lifeblood Spear


A vampyric ability is exactly how I see this working. I have always felt that this would be the ideal feature and tematically fitting as it bleeds the life blood out of beings.

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Just a big disappointment on this one. Everything else so far I love on the update. The dungeon is awesome. Great job on cleaning out the cheaters and server crashers. Overall, a huge A+. Fix my spear please…

The Lifeblood Spear was a high-end rare-drop weapon that came from an uber boss in the Unnamed City. It was not easy to get.

Whether you agree with the nerf or not, I can’t see why the healing rate on the spear is now worse than eating dried berries or honey or insects. Even the weakest of healing foods greatly outperforms the Lifeblood Spear now, and that ain’t right.

It currently heals you 1 HP every 5 seconds. That’s a 12 HP’s A MINUTE.

It takes 8.3 minutes to heal 100 HPs. Does that seem like an item you would bother to carry around with you?


Most people agree that it got hit way to hard. They just need to tweak the current balance and put it somewhere in the middle. It was to OP in its original state and to weak in it’s current state.

not true. I believe you are confusing invincible with invulnerable. One is too powerful to be defeated and the other means cannot be harmed. Invincible does not mean the same as invulnerable, invincible can be damaged but not defeated of overcome.

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This. By the way (and I know this looks super weird) by the looks of it FUNCOM is going to add more weapons, healing/cleansing target on hit in the upcoming patches. This means actively healing you thralls (or fellow players) mid combat by bashing them with “healing hammer” is what we will get as our standart “healing procedure” in the upcoming future :laughing:

Edit made as you are correct. I was using the wrong word

uhm, no u were right @Hexsing sorry if I confused.

Invincible - can be damaged but too powerful to be defeated.

Invulnerable - cannot be damaged.

So your statement was true as I understood it but @Aria_of_Sorrow’s comment:

is false


Lol. Now I have do correct my edits. Dammit. I feel damaged now. Hahahahah

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On a happier note.

Has anyone used the Jedias Greatsaber now. Because it is single handedly the coolest sword in the game.

Try it.

You Will care about no other weapon.

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Patch day mate, gonna take forever to understand this post without more details

I’ve heard of the vampire concept for the spear. Bad idea. If the spear damaged and leached an equivalent health at the same time it would become the only weapon used in the game.

As it was two days ago its primary use was to heal out of combat. Someone in PVP apparently didn’t like opponents being able to run away and rapidly heal so they nerfed it. It was primarily used in PVE to lighten the load, eliminating all those potions, bandages, aloe, burn through food, etc. As for offense (attack) there are more powerful spears. The real upset is that it took months for some of us to get one–now just thrown away for no good reason.


The Jedias Greafsaber now makes lightsaber noises when you swing it. It just now super fun.


I thought the concept is that it would take a percentage of the damage dealt back as health. Not the full damage amount. Just a portion. I liked the suggestion presented in other threads by others.


I hear both sides of the argument, from my perspective I have farmed the unnamed city for the last 2 months solidly on an official server for ps4 and have not once had a drop from the red mother. Often only receiving turds and detritus except for legendary repair kits and fragments of power.
That being said, I have had occasion to harvest the item in PVP.(loved the item BTW) bleeds and poison last a long time preventing its use, a bandage should nullify bleeds in my opinion with the option of a combat patch, but why follow logically? The decision to nerf the LIFEBLOOD spear feels arbitrary! A 1 percent drop? In my case specifically 0 for 300 plus tries and counting lmfao. Aloe soup and vials are only semi viable when you aren’t being stun locked and 10 stacks being laid on you by more than one enemy… goofy stance and thrall controlled direction should have a place in the game to allow more efficient healing and strategy in dealing with amazing opponents. My hope is that this spear be restored to its former glory. It was up until this point a highly coveted item which encouraged folks to engage for the risk of said item… if i see it on a thrall now I’m less likely to engage because the risk vs reward component is now negligible. An EPIC item should be exactly that, and now it barely scratches the surface of legendary!

You’re wrong. You are specifically running because you are in danger of being defeated. Ergo, you are NOT too powerful to be defeated, or in other words, you are running because you are not invincible.

I think the point is that simple disengagement. As in a dodge roll with the spear out and moving in circles around the enemy would allow you to regen to full HP. This would allow you to reengage without a full retreat. The enemy really would not stand a chance.

Any damage at all stops the heal–poison arrow, hatchet, plain arrow, any poison, bleed, stub your toe, etc. Just add a delay to the start of healing similar to when you run out of stamina so that the heal does not start instantly. If you can’t figure your way around that in a fight there is something wrong…

I am purely talking pve content. The life blood spear is easy to defeat in PVP. In PVP its not a very valid weapon. Which is why I have 3 I collected and 5 I collected from others.

Its the PVE side of things that is trivialized which is why I believe it was nerfed. Nerfed too hard. But Nerfed.

I play PVE-Conflict so I get a little of both PVE and PVP. In PVE, since I play solo, I sometimes get in trouble, such as when a group of NPCs surround me. If I can break out of that trap I run like hell and use the spear to recover and then attack again from a different direction or rethink my tactics. However, most of the time I do damage with my other weapons and only after the battle is over do I use the spear to heal instead of eat food or put a bandage on or drink a potion or all three. It doesn’t trivialize anything. It just allows for much more enjoyable gameplay. Enjoyment that took me a long time to earn. Technically any buff, weapon, or skill can make the game easier so that you can take on more dangerous challenges, that is why you have to earn them.