More base defense and bas offense stuff

I’ll start off. If you have any ideas post them here. Spike traps,spikes, traps all, hidden doors,doors bookshelf doors, candle doors.

Ramming,hooks to scale walls,better explosion, rope to climb.

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I would love more detailed base attack/defense capability. The ability to make only doors damagable for one and a base capture system. Battering rams, seige towers, all you listed. Anything to make pvp more than blow up and loot.

I’ll also throw this out there. I’d love to see, even as a pve player, a future 4.0 with the unbridled success of 3.0 be an almost exclusively PVP update (with some cosmetics thrown in to generate revenue to support it).


More lile 3.1 and so on need to have PvP in mind more than just in the back imho. Honestly 3.0 should but idk about that

Well I actually was promoting it by calling it 4.0. 3.0 sorcery is a big deal with all the major mechanic changes and everything. Imagine that level of change only for pvp. If I heard that was the plan, you can bet I’d be all about trying to drill down as to what the ideal Conan pvp experience would be… I’d be obsessing over it because I see the shortcomings of pvp in Conan even as a dirty pve-er and I want Conan pvp to be bloody, violent and cutthroat and compelling.

This thread will be great for a mod i am working on. Ideas about raid!. The doors only thingbis something i think i can accomplish. Build an in game mesh thatvinly need a few doors and gates, then give passive rewards in a loot chest. Controlling clan can farm it, and enemies can blow in and then claim it if they win. I need a little more time to undersatnd the dev kit, but the tools are there. make the base no build zone except forndoor ways.

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As I was thinking about it, it also needs a way to check for non door closed volumes. That way if someone tries to build without doors, it stops the last closing piece from being placed unless its a hatch or door frame.

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