More Building Materials?

The last big patch killed off a couple of build mods (not unexpected) and all bases using those mats de-spawned to greater or lesser degrees.

In most cases, the build pieces were relating to village placeables like pubs, shops, traders, etc. Also, paths, cobble walls/foundations/etc. Village sounds. Farm animals.

These are all things that need quite a bit of work for FunCom artists to make, but could be made into what would be a very attractive DLC - likely more popular than some of the current ones (look at volume of PvE servers).

Yes, there are mods stiff offering this, BUT patches will always affect these mods. If mod authors stop updating their mods, same effect:.


(Steel, Calamitous, Immerse, Pippi - all mods that bring village stuff in, but completely reliant on awesome mod-authors keeping up)

@Jens_Erik - a DLC £££ opportunity? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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