More consequences due to weathering

Staying outside too long under the rain should get us a cold that could lead the character to have a flue. Being sick should have the same effect as intoxication. We would have to find some flowers or plants + water to create medicine or a healing cup of tea

Volcanic regions:
Volcanic eruptions and toxic fumes should happen to serve as massive and spontaneous purges damaging all of the buildings and natural ressources nearby

Windstorm should damage the weak building structures and take away in its course some thralls, animals and furniture not properly protected against weathering (not between walls)

Windstorm should cause tsunami

Earthquake should happen in the most popular regions, thus damaging the building, the furniture, the ground, killing or hurting thralls and animals => some refoundation would be required

The weather was much harsher in EA, and many people hated it.

For my part, i enjoyed have to care to set-up fires, and build accordingly. But again, i like solo a lot, also have played lot in SP. Looks like it’s bit similar to you. All your posts seems more singleplayer related, so keep in mind that’s at first a multiplayer game, and not a rpg.
There lot of mods allowing the set-up for a more singleplayer game, and it’s maybe up to you to pick some up for more immersion and fitting your gamestyle.

You are absolutely right. You have some mods in mind ?, notably for the recipe quest feature ?

Maybe here a simple level mod would do the trick, allowing you over time to learn simply all recipts ?

There are different around, pick-up your poison ! :grinning:

not a bad idea thank you

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