More cosmetic options please

I have been playing since day 1 on ps4 and love making cosplay armor sets. (Thread available in fanworks) I would love an update to the dye system to make it more responsive as some items don’t take dye well and look odd. I also would love more hair and eye options especially red eyes as well as pink hair and twintails maybe not together though. I would always be happy to see new armor especially a light armor set that buffs strength and protects against the cold(still doesn’t exist in the game). I will never be sad to see more armor added to the game and will keep buying dlc for armor alone. What hairstyles hair colors and eye colors do you want to see?


Handlebar mustache plz?

Yep, definitely more beard and moustache options. Beards with moustache, beards without moustache, moustache without beard. Goatees, neatly trimmed full beards, big bushy beards, drooping moustaches, waxed moustaches, pencil moustaches, toothbrush moustaches, etc.

And more hairstyles. More short hairstyles for men in addition to that one “fashion model” style we now have. Wilder, coarser hairstyles that look more savage and barbaric. There are no combs or hairbrushes in the game, so our hair should look more unkempt.


If our exiles can turn meteors into refrigerators, I’m sure they can figure out how to make a comb or a razor. :wink:

Teasing aside, more hairstyles and the facility to change them for our character or followers would be quite welcome, though I’m not sold on pink hair.


Changing the appearance of followers is a feature that would be just sooooo awesome. On SP, thanks to CharEditLit I actually spent hours modifying the looks of my buddies.
Screenshot of Spinas, me and Ulrik the montaineer (like really, the original face of ulrik is everything except the face of a montaineer):


Yes to all and genital piercing DLC!


Some people I know spend so many hours trying to tame their hair that it’s probably easier to scratch-build a refridgerator than craft a hairbrush that works on their hair.

And, uh, yeah. Colorful anime hairstyles look cute on anime girls, but may not fit into the grim and gritty style of the Hyborian Age.



Armor in this game makes absolutely zero sense from an asthetic standpoint.

armor looks fur lined
“Oh it protects you from heat.”

armor is primarily a few strips of cloth, bare legs are exposed so is 3/4ths of the chest and feet
“Oh that armor protects you from the cold”

Kind of $hit are you people smoking over there in Norway?

Just a cosmetic armor update would be amazing, let alone new hair, post character creation customization, ect.

But please Please PLEASE, let us do something g about the trianwreck that is armor visuals in this game.

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Period. A pauldron and a metal-studded leather strip across your chest isn’t armor, it’s some sort of black metal cosplay. Armor is supposed to cover your soft, vulnerable parts, not expose as much skin as possible while still looking like it’s made of metal. Looking at you, Hyperborean “heavy” armor.

Would it be too much asked to get a basic mail shirt? That’s what Conan himself wore in many original novellas.

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Cimmerrian heavy armour is like that.

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It’s mail armor, but it’s too bulky and looks like armored winter clothes (which it is). I’d like a T-shirt version for warmer climates (and showing off our barbarian biceps).

Chainmail tanktop?


More sliders in character creation for face and body details, distances, sizes, etc. And make the limits more extreme. I should be able to make an emaciated exile, or a grotesquely fat one, or a midget!

I said this in a suggestion thread somewhere here that one cosmetic option that I would love is invisible headgear so I can see my character’s head all the time.

I use a mod for it, but man, it would be nice to have it as part of the game so my console version can have that feature too.

Yep , need to do this. And people will pay for this as DLC

You mean like this one?


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That’s more of a bikini top. That is already in the game if you dye the bejewelled top white.

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I posted a new armor set you will flip for :wink:

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