More Decorative Planters

Hi guys, I’m here with another proposal for something this game doesn’t need (but I do :stuck_out_tongue: )

More decorative planters. Yeah, I know, there are already a lot of them but none of them allows you to place fully grown trees (like palms).

Yeah, again, it’s something not really needed and yes, we can live without that, but … why should we ?


Placeable trees would be very nice!


been asking for place ables trees for awhile… I dont think we’ll ever get it.

The whole people will spam them like torches thing comes up… T_T

cries in corner


I agree with OP -
ID also like to be able to craft various types of hanging ivy or ivy on lattices ect


The Emberlight mod includes both placeable trees and ivy (with lattices).

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As much as mods are useful to solve PC users problems or requests, they are not accessible to console players and thus should not be treated as the standard solution. :slight_smile:
So this suggestion still stands: More decorative planters would be nice to have in game. Or even better would be actual plant/tree placables.
It quite annoys me sometimes to see a wonderful spot to build with lovely trees only for the to disappear on me once the building is done. So yeah, more flowers, trees, and grass even. Gardens of Babylon update. :star_struck:


Conclusion every one is correct. Vote taken and passed. :grinning:

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I would definitely like plantable trees, but like Sera67 says, it probably won’t ever happen for those reasons, however it would be nice if wild plants could spawn fx 3-4 tiles from a building instead of 10-12 :slight_smile:


There’s a slider for that, isn’t there?

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Yes but it won’t help you on official servers :slight_smile:

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True, and I do agree it wouldn’t hurt to dial it down a bit on default (official) servers.

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Could anyone tell me how to adjust it on a ps4 or ps4 private server. My wife and I hate it when all the trees leave us. We always gather wood away from where we build. Thank You.

Some of the Gportal settings are confusing.

I am yet to find this slider myself. I have been told that it can only be accessed before we first start the game. And I have no idea what its is called. @Barnes, do you or anyone else no anything more about this Landclaim Slider…?

Some Planters which have spaces for 2-3 plants would be warmly welcomed.

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It used to be on a slider, which was a UI for landclaim. This slider corresponds to the LandClaimRadiusMultiplier value under Serversettings.ini. Lower this value to gain more respawn.

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Yeah it could well be that it’s only available when first setting up the world (starting the server), at least as far as the GUI is concerned. I haven’t done so in a long while - or rather, I don’t really look at the settings, because I’m mostly creating new worlds as a test where I don’t much care about the game settings.

But people can already spawn decorative planters, how can this be worse ?
Of course I’m talking about planters with trees, not placeble trees. They would be like normal planters, just larger …

Oh, and big planters with more slots for different seeds would be awesome. There is something like that in another game I’ve played and it was great.

If your on consoles, its only avaliable before you started game. The option can’t be changed again, unlike PC.

I use .33 on Land Claim raduis, which is about 3 foundations out. So you can build fairly close to tree and rocks etc.

But enemies also spawn in that… =/

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