More Doorway & Support Solutions

Currently, we have a narrow single doorway which become bottlenecked at times or a huge aircraft hanger door which for 95% of builds is just too big, certainly too tall.

Please may we have some other sized door ways. 2h x 2w and/or a 2h x 3w

Secondly, please may we have a FRAME to line the perimeter of a wall space so that ceilings and roof’s can be supported without the need to place a doorway beneath. Like these:


I would love a 2x2 (width/height) door/doorframe (2x1 with a wide door centered would be cool too).

The regular doors feel too small for anything but internal doors, and the gate feels way too big for anything but the outside main gate for a major castle-like structure (which I’m sure is its intention).


Please please please!! Give their artists something to do while ironing out bugs, too.

+1 to this

Yes, the need for more different doors and frames is high

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