More Easier to get resources More People will play PVP server

If we spend 10 more hours to build a base or to get resources, but we loose them only 1-2 hours. how does it feel like? who have the patience to maintain this day and night? I think people like this game because they can kill players and get good stuff in the game other than spending more time on getting resources ,and being looted.

Harvest is at x 2 on official PvP servers which is fine by me.
As to losing base, that’s the entire premise for playing on PvP if you ask me.
I’d also say it depends A LOT on the players on the server.

I’ve been left alone for a long time, and I play solo.
I did break into a place using a trebuchet after the journey step, but that was totally not worth it.
And there’s no way I would spend the resources to raze it to the ground.

The world is full of idiots being dicks though, I say just move to another server in that case.
Or meditate a bit in single player perfecting your base for the Nth time.


Maybe you should choose a server with another mode like PvE or PvE Conflict. If you want to play PvP but not hardcore PvP you have to avoid the official servers and should try a private dedicated server with rules or at least play SP.

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Such is the life of a PvP server. That is what you signed up for. Head to a PvE or PvE Conflict or a Private server with specific rules.

Everyone experiences that when you start playing in pvp servers, this is normal in survival games, thats the purpouse (on pvp servers ag least).

If you still want to play in pvp but have no time to give attention to your progress, I suggest you playing PVE-C whrere there are no damage in Player Structures, only PvP at prime times, or play on a Private server with gathering increased.

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