More Fawn pets, i.e. Elk King, Kudu

Now, I know not many people are super into grabbing the fawns for pets, being that they’re fairly weak as Gazelles. But, I feel like there could be more options that a fawn could become rather than just gazelle. You’ve got Elk Kings, Kudu, and the regular deer. I dunno, just seems like a small waste to not use all beast modes you can as pets.
And as for how to decipher what meals to give, the Gazelle could be basic Plant fiber, Kudu be desert berries, and the Elk King or other deer would use Highland Berries.

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yes i like deers 8]

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I like the Elk King’s design and definitely wouldn’t mind having a few defending the village. I’m sure most people’s reason why they wouldn’t want this is because the pets would be fairly weak, but there’s also the other end of the spectrum for RP instances. Not to mention, Fawns only growing into one type of animal is just weird seeing as how almost every other pet has multiple variants.

Granted, I’d personally like to see all of the beast NPC as pets/thralls. A werewolf/Jehball Sag thing would be boss. Same with a bat or Snake.

nobody posted on my komodo petition 8[

If I’d have known about it, I would have. I don’t see why they wouldn’t have them as pets, unless that’s their plan by the end of it and they’re just slowly releasing them to us. Either way, I hope we get more soon. especially because they nerfed being able to get the gorillas and yetis.

But a gazelle pet isn’t weaker in HP than other regular pets. I usually try to get one pet for each mammal species that could be tamed. I’m not often lucky to have them becoming in the greater variety, even if I always use the proper shadespiced food that gives the highest percent for it. When comparing HPs, the gazelle isn’t weaker.
But I’d love to see antelopes, deers, elks, kudus and king elks as pet. After all we can harvest heads for each of them, so why we can’t have them as pet ?

well, one reason you’re not seeing any greater ones, is because there aren’t any. Which is kind of what I’m getting at there should be more options for such a wide ranged baby animal.
and the HP may not be weaker, but it doesn’t do anywhere near the damage a wolf or a tiger does. It’s Hyena level damage, which isn’t super helpful when being purged or whatever.
But i don’t even want them for defense, more for cosmetics.
But the animal I feel that deserves more complaint is the Gorilla pets. like, how you gonna make nearly every other pet easily accessible, but give these a 20% drop rate AFTER I’ve farmed hearts from named NPC? It’s not like they’re even that strong. the only other thrall/pet that has a random chance is the Ice Giant, and that’s only because it takes a specific person. seems like kind of a screw up for the gorillas. especially because Gorilla babies should just be in the over world to pick up like elephants, as it states they are on the wiki page. Or buy them like Camels and make the different tiers of them be Gorilla, Grey Ape, and Silverback. The same thing they should do with any other animal they have yet to have for babies. the models are in the game with attack animations and health, I personally don’t see any reason not to make all beasts tamable somehow.

Kudus and King Elk are the greater pets for fawn, imo. It could be done two ways. One depends in which biome you get the fawn. If it’s from a deer / elk biome you get a deer or elk and a king elk as greater pet. If it’s from an gazelle / antelope biome you get that and a Kudu as greater pet.
Or it could be done depending where you’re taming the fawn. Done in a deer / elk biome, you get as above for those biomes, while done in an gazelle / antelope biome you get as above for those biomes.

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They would be the greater versions for them if fawns had the chance to have a greater tier.
But I more think the feed you give it in the pen would decide the type of pet you’d get, like other pets in game. Gazelle/Kudu be Desert type plants and Deer/Elk King be Highland plants.

my biggest thing is that there’s so much they COULD do with this game that hasn’t been implemented yet. instead they keep pushing out DLC. And don’t take that as me complaining about DLC, but when you’ve got edits to do to the game mechanics because people are having problems, or adding onto the already existing mechanics should come first.
To clarify, I mean that they should have a base line down of what pets they’re going to make obtainable, make them obtainable, THEN put out fodder for different types of animals, whether that be spread through different DLC or not. It just seems like they’re trying to build onto an incomplete game. and again, don’t take my criticism as an attempt to be rude, or me saying I hate the game, because I love the game, it just feels like there could be so much more to it.
Granted I’ve always felt like this games biggest problem is the incomplete Unreal Engine 4 that it runs off of, but I’m no developer or game designer so I could be way off.

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