More feedback on building


While we build our base, we had some ideas.

1st. It would be great to see where one can build at all before we can actually do/try to. We started a huge bridge, spent time and resources, just to find that after 60% we came to a position where building wasnt allowed. So all work was in vain.

2nd when destroying walls/pillars, all that is supported just by that, is destroyed as well. That’s fine, but it would be nice to see what pieces that would be before it happens.
The statics arent very obvious, and this could help much to understand the better.

3rd statics again. There so often are pieces, that may not be build at the position or rotation we want to. Atleast a clear explanation of the why would be great!


And the new building system is awfull. You cannot spam a wall. with each piece now you have to wait seconds before it can be placed.
Clicking 20 times juts to place down ONE foundation is not fun.

The older system was waaay better.

Also supports still bugging (diagonal ones for example randomly loosing their support)
So after the last update our roofs collapsed again on our main halls.
Only solution (for a time) is to exchange all the diagonal supports again and again.

Oh btw. With wedges there are a lot of problem. like you can put a ceiling and a foundation on top but you cannot do the same with wedges. please make 'em work like normal foundations.

And another problem with wedges they occupy less space than foundations but stability-wise they still count as one full drain instead of just 1/2 drain. therefore cube style building is prioritized. instead of nice looking “rounded” structures. Please fix. make it so that wedges don’t drain 20 stability just only 10

Also wedge foundation’s side panels sometimes doesn’t count as vertical enough surface… WUT? Cannot put decorations on them (like weapon displays, animal head torphies, wall braziers…etc.)

Those areas needs some love from devs.


Havent noticed any large issues tho.

About the ‘unable to place blocks in certsin places’ thing. try switching to a staircase and let it snap on, then do not place it but dont move and switch back tot he desired block and wait a couple of seconds, it will usually snap on then :slight_smile:


Staircase :smiley: Good thing you mentioned. :smiley:

The corner one would not snap between 2 normal stair ever since last patch.
I tried to place one for like 10 minutes at least. could not put foundation below.
And without a foundation I simply could not snap it.

I do usually exchange current placeable if the “unable to place” happens. So I did tried that one too.
Although no error message, nothing, just simply It wanted snop everywhere BUT it’s intended place. :smiley:

(speaking about sandstone corner stair piece)


havent played since 28.6 patch gonna play now tho. I barely use the corner staircases anyway. the rounded ones i saw in a pic (its a pc mod) would be nice to have on xbox as well


I’d like to see 1/2 and 1/4 tall foundations. So like you could build a platform under your throne and stuff. Make different levels of your castle, home, base or whatever you want to call it. Also the height and angle adjustment almost never works.

A lot of times I get “Overlapping Object” when there is nothing there. And when I build my roof and it rains on everything inside my building. I got 3 levels with ceilings and a roof and it rains on the bottom floor like I’m standing outside, you can see the rain and raindrops hitting the floor. What’s with that?

It would be totally awesome if you could level the ground somehow. I’m building, or at least trying to build, against a mountain and there are little bumps and tiny ant hill size pieces of ground that stick up and prevent me from extending outwards that aggravates me. If only I had a shovel or my pickaxe actually worked on the ground. (sigh)