More First Person and Walking Integration

Greetings, Exiles!

I love this game, and I love playing in First Person View (FPV) for as much as possible. Like most of you, I enjoy immersion, and 3rd person just…leaves a slightly sour taste in my mouth for a lot of things. I’d like us to discuss and really push for getting more FPV friendly content. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far. I might edit this post to include more, but these are the most major and notable things I’ve seen so far:

  1. Walking in FPV, while encumbered, moves FAR more slowly than the walk-enduced encumberment in 3rd person. This simply makes no sense, and it really should be changed. There should be no speed decrease for walking while encumbered; it should be a single speed.

  2. Sitting/emoting while in FPV forces the viewpoint to Third Person View (TPV). This, imho, should be a setting, and not forced on the player.

  3. The camera shifts positions in FPV when switching between walking and running. This is perhaps my biggest complaint. The camera view in FPV while encumbered is perfect and feels exactly as it should look for walking in FPV. I can see my body, whereas walking in FPV makes it so that I can only really see my feet.

  4. Holding a tool or weapon while in FPV leaves the body difficult to see. This one I can somewhat understand, as the stance changes so that the head is out over the feet. It’s perhaps a bit much, camera wise, though.

  5. Horseback riding in FPV is impossible. Again, this should be a setting. I’d love to ride in FPV.

  6. Impossible to move slowly on a horse without being personally encumbered. The speed that the horse moves while the player is riding while encumbered is the perfect speed for walking a horse. If we could get a keybind/setting to enable this, it’d be great, especially if paired with 5).

These are the things I would really like to see. I know a lot of the game is TPV, but FPV lovers like myself would really like to see these things changed. I’ve been hoping over the years that they would be added or modified, but nothing has happened, so I thought I’d make a dedicated post about it. Hopefully we can get a large enough base of support to see the changes implemented (:


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The FPV should be reworked entirely if it is to be enjoyed. In my opinion, the weapon posture and animations seem to be outdated.

I’m the total opposite: I hate first person games, not only 'cause I suffer from motion sickness and I get nausea easy in first person view, but because the “rigidity” of the camera is way unimmersive by itself.
I could understand playing in VR (where also I vomit as a biiatch to be honest ^^) where you can move and feel somehow free and inside the game, but the standard first person camera feels totally unnatural to me, like you have a broken neck and you turn and move like you have neck/upper torso blocked in some way…

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I too would like more (FPV) options.

I just jumped into Far Cry Primal because it looked pretty awesome, then found out it was all first person so now I hate it. I did an informational search and all of Far Cry games are first person only, which means I wont be buying any Far Cry games in the future. I hate first person view. Seeing only my hands is so lame.

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I can honestly understand that. Immersion takes different forms for different people. For me, I like to feel like I’m there, and this game comes so close to that for me. The primary issue I have is the camera shifting positions when walking, and it feels very clunky and half-finishied/implemented. If you don’t use FPV, then I don’t see why more FPV integration/options would really affect you, though, if that makes sense. It’s just a mode you can ignore in that case :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course my personal preferences will never stop me from saying that having more options is the best option, so absolutely I support more “points of view” even if I would not use 'em!
First person is something that should be available to all those who prefer that!

@Concomitant , Well , on most I aggre , so I support your Idea . If I can only add one thing is that I love the walking of my female character when over encumbered , it’s really confident and sexy walk that’s a bit odd for the circumstances :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Plus this walk was the reason I stucked on a female character on Conan exiles . Back then dodging was the solution to go fast when over encumbered :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , but after stamina loss this walk was a pleasure . Anyway back to topic , I really agree and like most 2 of your ideas .

  1. First person riding . It is very important and it will help a lot , especially to avoid rocks or jump over obstacles .
  2. This easy ride is very important too , very important , especially when you want to look around at the time you are riding your horse . Exile lands and Siptah have so beautiful landscapes that sometimes the journey in this game is one of the kind .
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When i started conan exiles way early into its availability, it was solely on the premise of it being a first person game. The way i immerse myself into games is heavily based on how much i can make myself believe to be the character and to move through the world on my own 2 feet.

It was way later when they shifted combat to third person,albeit being more fluid when watched in third person "as intendet, that i lost a huge motivation to even play the game, being alienated from my character and torn out of my immersive perspective.

Shields no longer working at all in first person didnt help either finding a reason to keep on playing.
Nowadays i came to terms with switching to third person while having to block,but everything else is being done in first person given the chance to do so.

The world can be a beautiful sight to behold but i prefer seeing it through “my eyes” instead of over the shoulder of some dude im riding piggy back for some odd reason.

Same reason i cant enjoy the witcher games for keeping me “distant” of the action.

One thing i found out is that once i hit a certain gear level i can simply ignore shields most of the time and use one handed axes in first person even though the animation is way off. Still a preferable experience off walking through a dungeon “myself” than steering some entity i feel no connection towards.

Basically: fix the shield block, give everything from swimming to climbing and combat an even rudementary first person animation and ill be in high heaven


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@Tjolnir ,I do remember some videos from shaiQuera on first person but when I started playing third person was already the king , after all I play on console . I found first person very important inside my house - base you name it . It helps me a lot to concentrate and put everything in order . I build in first person only , the bugs of building are already annoying and I don’t want to watch my character as well , I am a freak when I place a bench , so first person again helps me concentrate .

So yes I can understand this demand , but I cannot say that I am a doom fan . I remember the first game I played first person was Doom 20+ years ago , it was really good but jump scare at the same time , so I cannot say that I enjoyed a lot this game , I hate jump scare games . Yet on Conan I enjoy a lot first person , but I wouldn’t use it in combat anymore because I get use to it now :wink: .

with me its completey the opposite, i basically grew up on doom. instead of jump scares i always took it as an incentive to grab my shotgun and rip that demons limb from limb.

same as skyrim maybe where some people cant stand the spiders… i started swinging at them buggers mid air with my hammer angry rather than put off…

i once kinda lost it in a positive way with the early game when i wasnt prepared for that giant spider crawling out of one the dungeon floors in early conan exiles, nowadays its been replaces by a demon spider.

anyways, what was visible on my screen was a giant hairy spider leg on one side and some stone wall on the other, speak of being between a rock and a hard place =)
having enjoyed a binch gaming session for multiple hours through night and morning with copious amounts of energy drinks didn´t “help” either, still its something i positively remember about my conan exiles experience.

every third person fight aftwards felt bland and distant compared to the scene mentioned above.

coming back to “doom”, nowadays we have brutal doom and the newer ones, i hope some time soon i can enjoy them with vr goggles, but then i fear i´d refuse to take them off… ever =)

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@Tjolnir , I surely get your point and I admire the fact that you recognize doom , my respect to an good old fellow gamer . One thing I am sure off is that you understand the copies on the games every time you see them , don’t you ? One thing I loved about this silly game is that it has potentials to become one of the best game ever , that’s why I got stucked on it the past 3 years .

The conan license itself carries so much potential, i’d hate seing it go to waste, like age of conan did for me years ago. Given the third person nature of the mmo it speaks volumes that the world and atmosphere kept me playing for many hours despite having no real option of going first person. Afaik you could zoom in but had no weapon animation whatsoever.

When conan exiles scratched that hyborian itch a few years later i felt right at home.

So yeah as far as having a world to immerse yourself in for quite some time it has heaps of potential.

Thing is, as a solo/coop pve experience, the carrot in front of your nose drops rather abruptly once you’ve killed every boss and cleared every dungeon. We are enjoying the game right now on a private server so there are no “natural predators” we’d have to compete with.
Then again, no real competition being both bound at work for 10 hour shifts.

First person gameplay helps me slow down and savor the moment, smell the flowers so to speak, and take in the vistas more detailed.
Oddly enough i register more of the environmental storytelling that way whereas in third person i’d probably ignore the skeleton arm pointing out of the ground in some places :slight_smile:

At the end of the day its about options, the game is absolutely ok as it is right now though personally i could enjoy it a lot more if said options were there.

i cant really comment on conan exiles being imitated in other survival games for it is the gritty conan atmosphere that draws me to the game, more than the games mechanic. Still theres a lot the game does right so its not surprising to see copies of that.


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