More floor patterns in each DLC

I have not paid for the Argos DLC yet for one reason alone. The Floor pattern, which is just like the Jewel of the West one. You make big floors and it is a nightmare of repetition. PLEASE consider having a nice plain white marble piece and a very mild pattern like a straight line for creating room floor borders. I think every building style should have at least 3 unique floor styles, which all blend together, to create more realistic flooring scenarios.

Do this for the foundation + foundation wedge and the Ceiling + ceiling wedge.

With some of the darker building styles, the flooring is much more tolerable, with their very mild patterning. The white marble ones are especially jarring to look at. Argos is the land of circles. I bet they eat cheerios for breakfast and donuts for lunch. BUT, there are some really awesome things in Argos too!

Anyway, please Funcom, consider some more options for floors and ceilings in all the DLCs and base game styles.


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