More items, More functions

I want more! Cosmetic, Utility, Armors, Weapons!

A functioning Totem! One that has aura effects, buffs or debuffs!

  • Totem High Tower - Provides 5 bonus accuracy to Thralls (and/or) Players characters.

  • Totem Scourge - Debuffs nearby enemies, causing them to take 5% increased armor penetration.

  • Totem Warm Embrace - Provides a large AoE increase in temperature.

  • Totem Cold Embrace - Provides a large AoE decrease in temperature.

  • Totem Ominous - All that lay eyes on this totem are overwhelmed by a sense of dread and deep despair. Causes those nearby to hear the ominous sounds of their impending doom.

  • Totem Glorious - A mighty totem that inspires a sense of victory and pride. Those nearby will hear the sound of triumph!

  • Totem Peaceful - A pleasant and satisfying aroma fills the air, all near this totem are sure to be at peace. There is no war here, not today.

  • Totem Nature - The call of the wild. The fowl, the wolf, the river, and even the thundering’s of a distant storm shrouding an angry volcano. This totem was carved deep in the wilderness.

  • Totem Trap - Two totems joined at their base by a cord, set on a trigger. When tripped, totem will fire arrows of your choosing.

Armor Enhancements! Additional ones!

  • Fleet Patch - Provides a 1-2% move speed bonus per piece of armor.

  • Dense Patch - Imbues a user with improved knock back resistance/increased knockout damage.

  • Nimble Patch - Increases the vertical distance a user can jump.

  • Submerged Patch - Enhances ones ability to hold ones breath.

  • Calloused Hands Patch - Improves the speed at which one climbs.

  • Golden Lotus Patch - When your life hangs by just a thread… may that thread hold strong, for a brief moment, so you might escape the reaper to die another day. Active only as a full set. Provides a momentary respite from death (1 second) once per hour. With few exceptions. (Lava, extreme fall damage, developer discretion).

Utility Items! Functional and RP oriented!

  • Walking staff - Allows a user to walk more quickly while over-encumbered.

  • Bloat Bag - A larger, sturdier version of a water skin, can contain three times the water.

  • Whip - Used to dissuade lesser creatures from attacking you. Less effective on larger animals.

  • Net - A traditional hand tool used to harvest fish from water while on the move. May also be used to capture insects, rodents or roosting fowl. (bushes)

  • Sun Dial - Accurately gives measure to the amount of time left in a day. Has no function at night.

  • Improved Elevator - This elevator has been modified with a brake mechanism so as to cease movement at a certain point.

  • Improved Grinder - A larger, more efficient grinding wheel. Excels at all things grinding.

  • Whet Stone - A placeable that can be used at ones leisure to provide a temporary boost to a blades sharpness. Works on all sharp weapons and tools increasing their effectiveness.

  • Improved Star Metal Trunk - Similar to a chest but heavier in construction and able to hold more. Can not be stacked one on top of another. Contains compartments that may be labeled for ease of organization.

  • Paver Stone - Provides a small AoE reduction of foliage growth. Connects to other paver stones and structures with small paths of dirt. Connect’s timers of joined structures. Does not block resource spawns.

  • Rope Bridge - Much like a horizontal elevator, connects two points at a smaller distance. Provides swift travel between the two and can be connected at slight angles, vertically or horizontally.

  • Half Ceiling Tile - Allows for the construction of small pathways along or around the interior/exterior of a structure. Can function as a catwalk or a shelf for planters.

  • Armoire - A sturdy, large cabinet adept at storing garments and armors. Provides “tabs” each of which can be labeled and hold a set of armor. A full set of armor can be swapped on and off directly from the Armoire tab.

  • Shallow Planter - Planter functions much the same way as regular planters, except they are shorter in stature.

  • Double Planter - Planter that contains two plants.

  • Raised Bed - A large, raised 2x6 bed for planting flowering plants. Contains up to 12 plants.

  • Immense Planter - For trees.

  • Greater Plants - Just like animal companions, or trophy heads, a healthy garden is sure to be full of mightily flowering specimens.

  • Wagon - Can be pushed or pulled toward a destination. (Similar to how a catapult or dragging a thrall works) Able to carry large quantity of goods. Most often used for harvesting of ores and for trade. Can be interacted with to open a trade window for the exchange of goods for coin or other resources. Moves faster than an exiles walks, slower than a exiles runs. Can not be over-encumbered. Has an ample, but limited number of inventory slots. Carries significantly more than a camel. Wagons can be claimed under new ownership if they are abandoned for a specific length of time.

  • Dragon Skin Rug - When something requires that special touch. (Bear/Elk/Boar/Crocodile)

  • Wall Mounted Animal Skin - A nice display of your hunting prowess. Made of only the finest pelts.

  • Shored-Up - A temporary item, a series of heavy wooden beams and posts span the main entrance to your abode. Provides an additional three days of rot time protection. Useful for keeping thieves at bay while you wander the farthest reaches of the exiled lands. Disables door functionality until removed or expired.

  • Bunk Bed - A set of beds stacked one atop another, able to sleep two exiles within the footprint of a normal bed.

  • Double Bed - Now allows for two exiles to claim ownership.

  • Hammock - Is a Hammock. Comes with two posts.

More Head Trophies!

  • All - All missing head trophies.

  • White Dragon head trophy.

  • World boss head trophy.

  • Dungeon boss head trophy.

  • Additional fish trophies. Rare specimens not normally found as food. Large “greater” trophy versions.

  • “Greater” version for all trophies.


  • Canoe - Crafted at the “Dock”. Stowed in the dock. Allows a user(s) to traverse water more swiftly, can be carried/pulled slowly over land as a solo craft. Faster two and three person variants of the canoe exist.

  • Dried Fish - The dock exceeds even the drying rack in its ability to store and dry fish products.

  • Fishing - The dock, and canoe can be used to fish. Each able to acquire faster and hold more then traps alone. Clams, Glowing Goop, and plant fibers sometimes find themselves in nets. Rarely, sunken treasure’s are lifted from the watery depths.

  • Fishing Pole & Fishing Net - Both crafted at dock. Catch fish, among other things.

  • Fishing Bait & Tackle - Crafted at the dock. Allows an exile to catch fish that would not normally be caught in a trap. Such fish might be considered Trophy fish.

Additional Storms

  • Blizzard & Typhoon - Northern frozen parts of the map are visited by a blizzard. Jungle is visited by a typhoon periodically.

  • Tornado - Heat from an active volcano, and cold from the frozen north come together and occasionally spawn a Tornado that roars across the highlands.

Additional non-traditional levels.

  • Level 60 Age 42 - Each year a exile survives in the lands imbues them with greater knowledge of their surroundings. Wise with age, such exiles have learned many recipes. Each level will provide a small bonus to feat points.

GUI Improvements

  • Make the GUI scaleable
  • Make the GUI movable
  • Add additional, optional GUI pieces/segments
  • Allow for customization of the chat box
  • Remove excessive warning messages that overlay the game (Such as over-encumbered messages)
  • Allow for additional hot bar spaces
  • Create a mail or note system.
  • Provide more detailed information to players on item/feat/attribute/(any) window.
  • Make as many additional QoL improvements to Conan Exiles GUI as possible. (Not everyone plays console)

Shared/Public Storage/Crafting Stations

Public: Player 1 places carpenter bench. Player 1 sets carpenter bench to “Public”. Player 1 places 100 wood into carpenter bench. Player 2 (non clan member) uses wood to make shaped wood. Player 2 (non clan member) removes half of the shaped wood. Player 1 removes other half of shaped wood. Only player 1 can destroy carpenter bench.

Shared: Player 1 places carpenter bench. Player 1 sets carpenter bench to “Shared”. Player 1 places 100 wood into carpenter bench. Player 2 (non clan member) opens carpenter bench. (zero wood). Player 2 also places 100 wood into carpenter bench. Player 1 only sees 100 wood in carpenter bench. Player 1 and 2 make equal amounts of shaped wood. Player 1 and 2 removed equal amounts of shaped wood.

Fall Damage - PvE Immunity after server detects a legit Link Dead or Crash -

  • Player loses connection/crashes while sprinting. Logs back in to find themselves ALIVE after having fallen from a great height. Brief PvE damage Immunity is disabled if taking PvP damage in last 10 minutes. Player can take damage immediately upon reconnecting. Player loses LD/Crash protections after a brief time (developer descretion) of being unconnected and can be killed while unconscious by PvE or PvP damage.

New Biome’s

  • Bog - Think of pete moss and the giant tortoise from never ending story. A depressing, horrible place. Great for giant bosses, undead/spider trash mobs, compost, ichor, dry wood.

  • Canadian Shield - Rocky hills, crystal clear rivers, lots of fish, bears, elk.

  • Caves - Underground cave system, huge, cavernous, structure friendly. Connects to most parts of the map. Spiders, demons, bats, lizards. Full of sulfur and crystal. Similar to the pass between the jungle and the north. Must be zoned into, similar to the black keep, or Jhebbal Sag’s dungeon. Allowing for the map to technically stay the same size, helping with potential loading/other problems with increasing map size/structure.

  • Giant/Pygmy Island. Full of Giants and Pygmies. Everything here is a dwarf, or dwarfs normal life in size. Plant’s and animals alike. Resources are bountiful, but survival is unheard of… every trash mob is alike to a world boss. The elder beasts of this wild are immeasurable in size, and cannot be confronted. Treasures of this land are immense in stature and value. Can only be reached by canoe or swimming (must zone) (I hope zoning creates less burden on servers, devs, and players PC resources) enabling easier/swifter/safer creation of additional play zones.

  • BUG FIXES and QoL improvements are a must!




I would prefer that the existing game gets the bugs worked out before implementing more major changes.


Luckily they should be able to work toward both goals at the same time. As not all coders are dedicated bug hunters/fixers. And not all bug hunters/fixers and dedicated artists. Regardless, I agree bug fixes are a MUST. Keep content flowing, but not at the cost of quality.

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I like your freddy mercury style, I want it all and I want it now. Sure, all new content is welcome by my side, I will say but, I need to think a little bit more about your idea of 5 minutes inmortality, maybe 1, or even two for the mobs attacking you while you are being transfered to a monolith, but isn’t it 5 minutes way too much? And to loose connection… How can we know it is loose connection and not just voluntary swichted off to avoid being killed? Is it 30 secs enough? I want to read more opinions on this matter.

Edited because wrong written “nercury” instead of mercury, damned phone keyboard :flushed:

Thank you for your thoughts. 8)

Let me clarify my idea, I am not suggesting immunity for a regular log out or disconnect. But only if the server registers an unusual disconnect. Such as a crash or connection disruption.

I would be happy with just fall/monster damage immunity. Or perhaps disable the “brief immunity” granted upon a disconnect when receiving player damage. Say, if you have received player damage in the last 5 minutes and you disconnect/crash your brief immunity would be disabled and you could be killed unconscious or not.

I don’t want to add a way for people to cheat the system so much as I want to grow the player base.

Realistically there are three types of disconnect from the game. (Generally)

  • Server/conan.exe crashes and you lose connection. This one is usually a fast reconnect. 1-2 minutes.

  • Your computer and/or network crashes. This one can be much longer, typically a restart of your PC/Router will fix this. But it can take about 5-7 minutes. (For potatoes like me)

  • Foreseeable intentional DC’s to save their skin and abuse a game mechanic. This one could have them re logging imminently. And could be eliminated a number of ways.

My thought about brief immortality was simply to protect them after a DC or Crash is detected WHILE they were disconnected. They could of course immediately receive damage upon reconnecting.

Edit: I rewrote the concept in the original post to try and avoid possible abuses regarding PvP.


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