More land in exchange for less dungeons?

I am familiar with the various discussions on the subject and I know Funcom’s future plans for this game. That is, no map expansion and no new biomes. Instead, new dungenos will come out.

My question is simple:
Would it be possible to have an enlargement of the map and maybe a new biome in exchange for less dungeons?

I’m talking about technical feasibility.

I’m not a programmer, but it comes naturally to me to think that both the dungeons and the land occupy space (on the map and therefore on the servers) and the space is about to end.

From this easy reasoning comes the question asked above.

Could the space intended for one or more dungeons be used in exchange for more land or an expansion of existing biomes?

It would be nice to create a survey here on the forum.
I tried, but I didn’t understand how to do it. I didn’t find the instructions :slight_smile:


Beyond company policies, mine is just simple curiosity …

It would probably be technically feasible. Odds of it happening are near nil though. While I have no idea how far along the next batch of dungeons are, it’s probably safe to say that there’s been work put into them. I guess it would be interesting to see where the community lies on that, I for one would much rather have the dungeons (a new biome is just more, mostly empty land).

I was wondering this because the dungeons are closed environments from which you exit and enter. You can’t live in dungeons. You can’t even build inside them.

For example, Midnight G. is a beautiful and difficult experience to do. It makes sense to face this dungeon to recover the new religion. However after the first experience it becomes only an extensive slaughterhouse for resource recovery.

New land (expansion of the map and two of the existing biomes, or adding a biome) means new space to build. New tribes or beings to meet, maybe a new boss, new stories and NPCs and so on …

I play in SP, but I think that for those who play in PVE or PVP more land means more space for the various clans and more spaces to explore.

I absolutely do not want to re-address a speech already closed by Funcom itself.

Mine continues to be a curiosity …


A technical curiosity … how do you create a survey on this forum?
As I said above I searched for instructions or commands, but I didn’t find them.
Can someone explain it to me?
Thanks in advance!

I’d prefer a new biome or an exansion of an existing one over new dungeons any day. The reason for this is simple, I don’t tend to run dungeons multiple times, if I run them at all (haven’t even been to the Midnight Grove as it holds nothing I want).
An expanded biome, on the other hand, gives me hours of things to explore and new places to build.


Very interesting question.
On the one hand, the new dungeons are interesting and exciting. But on the other hand, as already said, they pass several times and forget about them.
New territories will require more resources, but it will be much more interesting.
As a compromise, you can enter the territory with a large number of any resources and the impossibility of building there. But not dungeons, namely places on the map. It may even have an obelisk so that it is impossible to block the entrance and exit.
This would not cause a heavy load on the server, because buildings will not be there.
I think that would be very cool.

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Hi there Zardoz. This issue was discussed fairly comprehensively in a thread which I created not too long ago now. While it is difficult to say for certain, the general consensus seems to be that making tha map larger (ie- adding in more grid squares) would be somewhere difficult and not possible, due to deteriorating physics towards the edge of the map. However, utilising unused or otherwise empty sections of grid (ie- just beyond the Cursed Wall), by either terraforming them or opening them up is, on paper at least, seemingly quite possible. Provided that there is sufficient space in that area, as some dungeons lie beyond the wall, and it doesnt get tooo close to the edge of the map. Finally, the last factor is if Funcom would be willing to do so or not. However, as others have stated, there seems to be some reluctance on their part. Personally, I would like to see at least 1 or maaybe even 2 new biomes before work on the game ceases.

Now onto the link. Its long, and the discussion trailed off towards the end. However, most of the answers you seek can be found within. For answers regarding instability towards the end of the map, Multigun has provided good posts. For information on unused space beyond the wall and dungeon placement see BiJay’s.

Ps- personally I would also like to see a poll on this issue too so we can gauge community interest.


I think both should be possible.
However, they already told about how there wont be any additions to the actual map. I dont really like that, but that isnt up to me. Especially the area where the passage between swungle and north is. It makes the map a lil weird imo.

I think it comes down to abit longer load screens, and them relocating every dungeon hidden under and on edges of map to new locations.

Which in turn would open map for expansion, but we would get load screen entering/exiting those areas. (longer ones anyway)
Which I wouldnt mind.

Or as I said in another topic, Add npc or clickable boat, stone that sends use to a whole new map via load screen.
if its price for new content, i’m willing live with it, and pay for it.

i would like one more expansion (up to the right of the volcano) that would be the best location.

i just hope the new dungeons they bring in are actual dungeons… most of the dungeons we play in atm are not even real dungeons, they are all way to short and no fun. (mostly)

In relative size, yea, Kalimdor is bigger. But WoW physics is running with like half the precision/scale to begin with. A Night Elf, for instance, is ~93 units (presumably inches) tall, while CE humans are ~200 units (centimeters) tall. And given the way WoW combat works, further loss of physics precision at extreme ranges isn’t as big a deal. Chaos Bolt isn’t going to miss because a decimal got truncated.

Well, there are some empty and inaccessible areas in the actual map…they are pretty big, enough to add something cool there, more desert in the south part and maybe a forest, steppes, prairies or something different in the north

WoW doesn’t even use physics for its combat system does it? It’s all targeting w/ mouse or at most AOE (distance from center). Neither of which use a physics system. Granted I haven’t played the thing in a long while now, so I suppose it could’ve changed (but I doubt it). They also don’t have body collision or anything of the sort. To shoot someone you click “I want to shoot that guy”, and the server says “ok, you did 140 damage”. No manual aiming or hitting at all.

Thank you all for your answers and clarifications!

Hello, I didn’t know the discussion. Thanks for the link! :grinning:

So, if I understand correctly, technically it would be possible to keep both dungeons and a possible extension of the map…

Beyond company policies and without the desire to generate a popular uprising it would be fun and perhaps useful for Funcom to do a survey on the subject. I think this because we would do a free market research for the company. Certainly with the possibility that it will be ignored. After all, the company is their property and they are free to decide their policy, but I have always seen good attention on what users tell them …
Therefore I feel confident.

If someone kindly explains to me how to open a survey I do it myself.
If someone else wants to open it, it’s just fine.

I have seen in other discussions surveys open both by users and by Funcom …

Does anyone know and explain to me?
Thanks in advance!


It has a handful of basic skill shot abilities now, but they’re pretty much limited to a 2d vector (with the z following the ground or just flat). Demon Hunters, for instance, have a forward dash ability that damages everything it overlaps. At a theoretical extreme location, the worst that would happen is the rotation may be off a degree or you go further than expected. The latter of which happens frequently due to lag either way lol.

But otherwise, yea, no real physics involved.The graphic effect of a targeted spell like chaos bolt might look wonky as it flies at lower precision, but the actual hit/miss is calculated on cast like you said.

And, of course, it’s also possible that the game is using origin shifting, which would make precision even less of an issue. Given that even outdoor zones in WoW are instanced, this would make sense.

I think they should invest in filling what already exists, never go in dungeons, but a biome “sea” was only “extend” the sea of the swamp and not create anything, nothing vegetation, nothing but extend the water, but with that create a navigation system, we can build or even buy by DLC boats, would be an incredible expansion for the game with a relatively easy creation.

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Hi @Zardoz.

Thats ok, no problem.

Theoretically speaking yes. Im not sure how much buffer zone there would need to be between the two, but based on the feedback of more technically minded players, we might just be able to terraform one of the empty areas into a new biome. In fact in a seperate thread I created, I actually created a new concept biome which is unique from the existing ones. I named it the ‘Black Marshlands’ or ‘Bog’ biome, and it also included a new resource (ie-Mud/Clay nodes) for new T1 building pieces (ie-Mudbrick). It was generally well recieved. If you are interested in seeing it and its proposed location, here is a link to my suggestions list it is in:

Im curious to see what the results would be. I have a feeling that it would be a close one though. I know they are hesitant to add a new area, but if support is great enough, it would make good sense to listen to the customers on this one. Heck Im happy to let them have my idea!

Now onto business. To create a poll, go into a category (eg-general discussion, suggestions) and select ‘create new topic’. From there click on th icon with 3 horizontal lines in the upper right sbove the text box, to activate the drop down box. Then click on the ‘settings’ (cog icon). This will bring up another drop down box with 4 options, ‘create a poll’ being the bottom one. Im affraid I cannot help you any further past that point, as I have never actually created one. Furthermore, Im really bad with technology, and would likely be more harm than help.
Please note- that this is how it is on my membership level (ie-Regular). It may or may not be available to you as a Basic User. Good luck, and let me know how you get on ok?

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I read the whole thread and found it very interesting. Would it be possible to combine this thread with yours? So we don’t mess up the forum with so many threads that actually talk about just one topic.
For me it’s OK.

Yes, I had read the thread you were talking about and I found it interesting!

Thank you so much for the instructions! I try to create a new thread containing only the survey and linked to your and this thread. In case I can’t do it I’ll let you know …

I agree. It makes sense to me to all of the information combined into one easily accessible place. @Ignasi Im not sure how to combine threads (or even if I can), if you are happy to combine them, could you please do so when you have the time to spare…? Both users agree. Thankyou :slight_smile:


Looks like you did it, great job Zardoz. Its important to gauge community sentiment on this issue