More life on server will be nice

in the early days of conan exiles was much more life ingame.
but the newest versions didn´t show them again.

You have to walk long ways, and then u will find one npc, then walk long way to the next, the deserts looking empty, in the sahara, 4 elephants? Rhinos not really more?
Snakes in desert are lonesome …

the only one thing that shows a lot of npc enemys are the purges.

i wish more life in game, more life in home made castles, maybe in homemade little towns, where are the npc´s they should come to my town and settle there, doing their jobs?

The game is nice, i love it to play, but the less of life on the map is boring.

sorry about my english, my german is better :wink:

more life? There is just too much of everything… What we need it purge bar filling up over time + by players activity. So even if you dont play there will be purge attacking your base and possibly removing it from map if you are inactive. Purge is now just a piece of crap. Map as it is has enough animals and NPC camps… Nothing needs to be added here, only removed and the rest should be boosted to provide some more interesting challange

We have a lot of floating thralls for Wildlife. They are quite a sight to behold. Especially the dancing species.

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no there is not to much of everything, and Purghes are working on my server without problems … wrong settings? :wink:

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official server. Single player is just a building simulator, not the game it self

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