More Named Thralls in the Purges Would Be Nice

In our PvE server, we have five clans that work together. We’ve had 20+ purges, and two named thralls, only one really, because it was the same guy twice, showed up. To make it worse, it was the archer from the Den.

I get that there are thralls that can do special stuff, but if you can’t make certain items without these thralls, it would be nice to have them show up every now and then. We’ve found almost every named thrall in the game except the purge only thralls, because THEY HAVEN’T ACTUALLY COME IN THE PURGES.

you need wait to test live comes out, in month or so on, there should be purge fixes, and thrall overhaul ie purge thrals craft twice or 4 times faster than t4 /idk if 2 or 4/

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