More nature.... (xbox one)

I would love to see more variety of monster. Lots of places feels empty and if not empty I see the same monster over and over again. the Vulcan area was a huge disappointment I hoped for fire monsters ect but the first one attacking me was a snake - yay :frowning:

Fishes, birds, bugs, sandworms, dragon-fly…
Wale, hydra or something big in the ocean

Weather effects
Caves to explore

Don’t get me wrong I like the dungeons but if I go once in the frost temple (just an example) I’ve seen all of it. I get my weapon and pickaxe and mostly never go back. Or the witch temple 1 minute to the boss and done… (OK, killed her at least 5 times for the mask without getting it)

Minor stuff would be:

  • teleport back and forth between maproom and obelisk
  • Thralls should not loose armor in the wheel, broken would be enough.
  • another area with only lvl 60+ mobs for more endgame content


P. S. More talent points in Singleplayer