More pieces for the Onsen set

Think it would be nice to have wedge pieces to go with the set. Feel like with those there would be more use overall in many a builds.


Wedges and sloped walls should be a staple in EVERY build set honestly.

And fence foundations. :neutral_face:

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While I agree that I would like every building set to have as many pieces as possible, it is worth bearing in mind that each piece requires a certain amount of work. With some of these smaller sets/sets designed to work with existing ‘full’ sets, it may just be that there was a limit to how many pieces they would include and therefore the more ‘interesting’ pieces were the priority. Perhaps we can hope that with a slower update cadence maybe they will be able to have time to put out interesting build sets with more pieces (or break them into subsets and release them over a longer time period to build up to a ‘complete’ set).

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