More settings variety for official

Why are all the official servers has the same settings? Does everyone work from 9-5?
Here are suggestion to spice things up and bring more players to this game. All these things are already available, it seems wasted not to utilize it.

  1. Some servers with weekend only raid hours.
  2. Some servers for the night owl. Starts at midnight.
  3. Some server boosted
  4. Some servers keep gear and hot bar on death and drop inventory bag only.

Mix and match these for a couple weeks and see the turn out.
There are dozens of servers with no one on it so easy to implement. Make me admin of Funcom for a day and I’ll make it happen. I want more of my friends to play Conan but most are NOT a fan of strict hours and spend time looking for body drop loot cuts into more combat PVP. It’s hard to convince friends who are Darksouls and Elden ring fans to play. Can’t even get ESO players to stay. Lol.