More spell suggestions

Yep, it’s me again, complaining about spells.

So, on my latest solo venture against the Warmakers Sanctuary, I lost my demonmonkey against the Champion of the Warmaker (I told him to stay put against the Arena Champion). So yeah, I’m tired of losing minions against bosses. I’d give an arm and a leg just to let them survive a dang boss fight. Then it occurred to me, why can’t I give an arm and a leg? I’m a friggin sorcerer for pete’s sake!

My request: Let me have a mid-tier spell that saps 200 or so of my HP and heals 3x of that health to my minion or splits that evenly among multiple minions. I’d be trading life for power, right?

Also like to reiterate my desire to create a weaker, temporary minion in case my main one(s) die away from home.

And here’s another idea:
Seismic Eruption - Bring forth tremors and fire from the earth, causing magma to spew upwards to incinerate your foes.
Basically it would be an indoor version of Lightning Storm so us Sorcerers dont feel even more powerless in dungeons. Random magma jets fire up instead of lightning strikes going down. Uses the same mats as the Storm.


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