More suggestions

In Swagger Rock, re-skin tigers to lions. Change the white tiger boss to a giant male lion. It makes way more sense because this area looks like Africa, not a jungle. And, there are no Siberian tigers in Africa.

Make more living room furniture options, like sofa type furniture and side tables.

I like the planting pots idea, but there is only one giant square size pot. Make planting pots different sizes and shapes, so they can also be placed on shelves and tables.

The new amount of putrid meat required to make ichor is too high, please reduce it to a reasonable number.

Certain areas of the terrain are bugged. There is no red X when I try to place a foundation or a wall, but as I click it says “failed to place”. I had the same experience with a fishing net.

Make the large carpet with different color options.

Archer and fighter thralls should not be attacking players who are just passing by on PvE servers.

I still would like to see window shutters for higher tier buildings, especially in cold weather locations.


I like those new “furnitures” which are in that tavern with a certain NPC inside.
Could we get those as craftables as well? :blush:

But the thing I would like the most… A buildable pool of 2x3x1 size - filled with water of course.
(Or multiple with different sizes?)
Cost could be like 500 Tar, 300 hardened bricks, 100 flasks filled with water. :star_struck:


Edit: Oh, and none disappearing thralls will be awesome too. I put 2 dancers in my base yesterday, came back and they were gone.

100 flasks of water? Are you building a doggie pool?

Just dig a canal to the nearest river.