More "survival" in survival game

1)Change to nights- do regural nights like in halloween events (this is mysterious exiled lands)
2) х2 npc’s health and damage (stop trying do game more easy-it’s must be survival)
3) give some buff’s to food, bcs now it ussless.


YEP! +1 Now it’s casual game.

The game is easy because people complain about aspects that shouldn’t be changed. There is a person that wanted to request arrows pass through their teammates because he wastes a lot of arrows hitting them. Arrow weight reduction, more sturctures crafted per click, more of this resource gained, and so on… It go goes on. People just want an easier game they can go around on and not have to try.

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Agreed that most of the food you can cook is useless. No point making anything but roast haunches and aloe soup. If some had quicker heal speeds or provided some other bonus there might be some point to making them.

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Maybe even some +1, + 2 effects to attributes, but cannot stack. A “Food” buff. so if you have effect going, if you eat something else, it will negate the previous one and become the new buff.

If i ate some thing and it was +2 str, then ate something +1 str buff, it would only be the +1, and timer is reset from that new one. Could even last as long as you were over 25% hunger. Would also be no eating 5 different foods, and getting +2 on everything. that is what elixirs are for :slight_smile:

I agree with Vvanskil about making the game too easy. If the game is over simplified, players would get bored. If it’s too complex, the learning curve will be too high and the unmotivated will quit.
As for healing, I like that there’s not magical instant heal. It causes one to be more careful and prepared. There are potions that do a lot of healing though. I like bandages. They stop bleeding stacks and require focus to apply. I think players should be able to apply bandages and wraps to teammates without the wounded one having to disarm neccessarily.

As long as it performs with an animation, because you know, we need to see when someone is using it, would be nice to have indeed, like the consumables animation that are still to come, I think a downed state before death like the ones from Rust / Gw2, would create interesting scenarios in Conan Exiles.


This is a good idea, but you have to think about players that don’t have much time to play and don’t want a too hard game to play. It is hard to achieve a good balance between casual players and hardcore players (meaning they have lots more time and play hours) when it comes to game difficulty. There are already options as from easy to barbaric (sp) and when online, aside from officials, most servers have an easy difficulty settings, but there are other servers out there with higher difficulty, which makes travelling north of the big river way more challenging than your usual walk through the map.

Good point, instead of changing it for everyone, there should be easy servers and hard servers to choose from.


Yes and so its fun fior small Clans and soloplayers.

There are already empty servers that could be used.

Its not just a thing for spec servers, its a thing for all servers!

When you stand up a server on G-Portal there are 3 buttons - basically easy, medium, and hard as well as different communities like, relaxed, etc. Funcom already has the ability to do this on Official…if they could deal with the exploiters first. :confused:

Maybe they’ll look into this suggestion - it’s a good one to answer for all those complainers that got good things nerfed. Like no linger finding Risa the Brutal in the volcanoes…someone complained that it was too easy even after having to level up to even get into the VOLCANO! (sorry, rant) Don’t get me started…

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Yes the easymode is sneaking in to the game!

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Well, Funcom is the known to fall for the ‘tail wagging the dog’ syndrome. They seem to react tot quickly to minor complaints but don’t take enough action on important issues.

I meant difficulty servers. Players can choose between server with different difficulties and even have option to filter by difficulty. Those empty servers can be changed to flush out this whole idea. X% to each difficulty even hardcore versions, just an idea no one lose your mind, they have number of servers to do it was what I was saying.

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Or any else crafter in the volcano. Smith, alchemist and cook have lost their 100% spawn as well.
While reaching volcano isnt too hard to do, I agree because of some other thrall: the alchemist.

While black galleon (+flotsam), seperemu, derketo place, both northern camps and the volcano might grant access to a t4 slaver (I dont know about darfari), it is not the same for the alchemists.
Only northern places and volcano may have a t4 alchemist spawn. (And of course the non working purge.)
Seperemu is missing another thrall: the t4 carpenter.
On the other hand, volcano is missing a smelter, tanner, armorer and tanner.

I honestly think every single one of those big camps/areas should come with a t4 of each kind.
(For hopefully obvious balancing reasons.)

It should be enough for there to be a difference in HP on defending thralls and certain resources only being accessible in certain areas.

Maybe it could be changed so the more further northern a thrallspawn is, the higher the chance to get some t4? I dont know the actual numbers, so I will just invent some: Like if black galleon had 5% on t4 to spawn, volcano would come with 20% chance for t4.

Aside of that I really like the idea of up to three difficulties if that comes with different settings for enemy HP and damage as well. Possibly even animation times.
Which then might be applied to raid and pvp time as well:

Easy = 20-22
Medium = 17-23
Hard = 24/7

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There could be more brutal, barbaric, realistic, and etc. I feel the preset difficulties aren’t much harder from one another these newer server difficulties should make players see and appreciate different parts of the game. A player who only plays as an archer when stepping into brutal should have the need to rotate to a melee weapon because enemies are to close or plentiful to continue dodge rolling and shooting. The melee two hander barbarians should feel the need that not all engagements can be done going in swinging those first few shots of a bow could make a world of a difference. Well placed mines before engagements and poison clouds etc. When’s the last time you saw a mine used?Mines should be more dangerous and include a long lasting crippling affect. Sorry this last part just came to me.

Yes more survival and not just harder bosses to kill!!

I think more than 3 difficulties would be too much.
Dont forget there are already 3 modes which then leave us with 9 different kinds of servers.

I agree that easy, medium and hard should make a real difference.
Like a player who has played easy all the time should die often in the beginning of medium. Same for hard.