More temples (t3 dissapearing)

well, i am angry… temples are still poofing, and Funcom went on vacation and forgot to fix the temples, AND no THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH UPGRADING t1 to t2 or t2 to t3,. several of our old t3 temples has decayed after being there for months (one of them was for 10 months) before it decided to poof.

this temple , the one “decayed” has been in here for many many months. " 0 owned by no owner has decayed" (our clan is called no owner) WTF is “0 owned by”… means??
the temple that went poof is in a base, the whole base is there, nothing else decayed only the temple,

i guess This BS will remain here for who knows how many more months, same as the floating thralls, and the never dying thralls and animals…

and yes it was built in a foundation bed (the foundation bed is connected to the base itself one single structure)

i guess i should expect another “apology” from ignasis, saying sorry for the frustration , blah blah blah… with the another “our team is looking into it”. well thanks in advance for being worried. LOL/.

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