More unique legendaries or infusions

I’ve always been a fan of unique weapons and it would be awesome if we could add more elements to them. These weapons could be obtained by obtaining either shards or special items from bosses similar to the armor scraps from the exile lands.
Here are some examples:

Earthen - A weapon that has an earth infusion causing sundering more often and has a very unique effect around the weapon. Shards are dropped from living mountain, Rotbranch, King Rhino.

Fire - A weapon that causes the burning effect like the fire orbs do on the finisher move and increase heat.
Shards drop from Living Magma, Red Mother, Skelos.

Thundering - A weapon that can cripple for a longer period with a thundering effect on a heavy finisher.
Shards drop from Green dragon, maelstrom bosses, Giant Bear World Boss.

Wind - A weapon that can knock back or push away with a heavy finisher similar to the bow knock back effect.
Shards drop from Shrouded-by-Darkness, Winged Death.

Water/ice - A bow or throwing weapon that can slow stamina regeneration and lower temperature.
Shards drop from daughter of Ymir, Frost Giant King, Ice Dragon, Yeti world boss.

That’s all I got for now, but I might add on more to this post if I come up with other combinations. Feel free to add on guys.

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