More useful recepies

Currently only a few of the cooking and brewing recepies are really usefull and diverse. Sure, some recepies must be the same but with other ingredients but in my opinion there are not enough use for the abundant amount of recepies. For example the best food is Aloe soup with enhanced healing. Rhino soup is good for increased enc. Brew for getting warm vs cold is nice so ice and spice tea would do the trick. Alcohol for strength and vitality boost.
So, what about all the other recepies? Some have their uses but most are like “nah”. Not worth the effort.
Why not give more recepies some stat boost?

I can understand why but I think it is a lost oppurtunity with Grit regenerating so fast. A slow regen would open up food as a usable consumable. As it does for health now. It is currently not as if players doesn’t run away from a fight to heal. The same could be done for Stamina. Would only add more dynamics to a fight and more planning. Heck, that would open up for desserts. Dessert add stamina regen and food/drink add health regen.