More Variety From Merchants

We all know by heart (or some of the players who have played longer/est) what merchants sell, and where… But what if the merchants had a cycle, or perhaps at least 1-2 more items they’d sell, each?

With a cycle, I understand players would get annoyed with having to track down a merchant before he/she changed to a different item, however, it would leave room for more items (such as weapons, armor, or food/drinks) to be sold.

With multiple items available, players have… more options.

And, of course, these two options could even be mixed. Who knows? Maybe people would like this idea.

Right now, the merchants aren’t a huge pivotal role, and I am not suggesting they should be.
I am suggesting that they come out from under the rock they are all hidden under, and be a slightly more important element in the game.

They don’t need to sell crazy amazing stuff (because I know you all hate catering to end-game), but they could give out different early armors or weapons that might be skimmed over in the feat table, or they’d give an alternative to finding the materials and crafting said item.

Let me know if you have an alternative or any ideas about this suggestion!

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