Mortals & legends (rp) ps4

WELCOME EXILES! We would like to invite you to join us on our journey in running the first, truly dedicated RP server for Conan Exiles.
Mortals & Legends (RP) takes the game of Conan Exiles to a living medieval breathing world. With full dynanic trade and currency, politics, Hyborian lore, sieges, gladitorial games, scavenger/treasure hunts, user made quests/dungeons, and much more. We are a fun, creative group of guys who just enjoy this game but wish to maximize its full potential. By making battles turn into feel not just like skirmishes, but full military campaigns with opportunities to claim user built strongholds. Where actual in game work can be gained for profit, titles, and social hierarchy. And even where crimes could put on trail with a fully functioning prison system and public execution. This is the Hyborian world like you’ve never seen. Our team is SERIOUS about creating in game content all just for the RP community at our expense. If you are interested message me here. Or message the server host TwistedHarbinger on PS and our community page Mortals & Legends (RP).

Message PSN Gamertag:StillTooCold

Hey, is this server still going? Thanks.