Mother and Daughter NPCs at Seul

Could anyone tell me if they’re from a mission, I don’t remember interacting with them at any point.


No, they’re just locals.

That’s weird. I’ve never seen them before in the near 10 years I’ve been logging into this disaster. Then again, I avoid Seoul unless it’s absolutely necessary. How many “normal” kids are there in the game? Teenagers like Kira, Carter, and Danny aren’t what I’m talking about. And Emma, Jung, and Harumi aren’t normal by any stretch. I didn’t even know there were generic child NPC models in the game.

All children are abnormal. Wild humans. Strange beasts.

I could add the two kids at Transylvania. Luminita and her brother.
What bugs me is that, supposedly, there shouldn’t be any kids at Seul due to some Orichi intervention there.
I would like to know more about the mother attire.

To be fair that child looks very out of place.

Just found them. No idea. From the clothes i’d say the mother is from Nepal. Given that backpack, the two of them probably traveled all the way to Seoul. Refugees? Migrants? Probably no place to stay, since there standing out in the rain.

Just throwing theorys out there. But yea, no way to interact with them, so I guess we’l never know. Unless Funcom decides to make them into a mission, in some future update.

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I’m still waiting on Sabotage mission from Miss Plimmswood