Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018)

It saddens me that the only time I have posted here is for a grumble. Sorry all
Well here is another one. Since the last Update I have NOT been able to log into either my Single player account or my Multi player account. NOT a happy bunny.
I do have 7 mods and have no idea if they are causing the problems or not. The last time everyone was talking about what might be causing the problems. This time nothing or am I just not finding the right threads. ‘sigh’

It sounds like a mod bug. Backup your game files and then remove the mods one at a time. Start with the larges mods first.

Gl hf, i hope you can save your game world and get it to run again :face_with_head_bandage:

The biggest hurt to us was the geological changes at volcano. Our clans main base was located there, in a non-glitched, non-meshed spot. Today when we came on it is all filled in. 6 vaults, hundreds of thralls, all our time invested… gone. Most of my guys already are looking towards the door. We had no advanced notice that this was happening. Maybe it is posted in some random spot on the forums or in some blog somewhere, but we had never seen it. Other games I have played like this either give you a notice when you load the game or they show the spots that will be changed in game to give you adequate time to relocate. We went hard into the game ever since it left early access, it sucks to lose it all with no warning. Please do something so this doesn’t happen again in the future, as I am sure it has already cost you several loyal users.


The stresstest is not the problem. The new bugs are a problem of the functional testing. It looks like Funcom don’t have any tester. The customer is the tester. CE is just a banana software. Riping at the customer.

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“Great” work with this patch. Half of my base was in ruins when I logged in with no explanation whatsoever: only ~14 hours of inactivity, so it is not decay, nothing in event log, nothing is looted and the randomness of destructions and the totality of it do not resemble dmg inflicted by other players, base is inaccessible to purge (sky-fortress). So, a week of solid work is gone without reason! Nice job if MAKING ME QUITE THE GAME IN FRUSTRATION was the goal. Base is on #1204 official server, ruins still there.

Ah, also, I constantly spawn under or inside foundations, so I have to kill myself to get out of there - OK when logging off completely naked and with empty inventory, but if I logged out with stuff on me I could lose everything.

The team has been working on issues reported and we plan to hotfix tonight between 8pm and 10pm Oslo time. See also this announcement.


After your last patch:

  • in my settlements was broken about a third of the large chests - all the contents were gone;

  • about a third of workbenches (of all kinds: smithies, kitchens, smelters, etc.) broke down - all the contents and tralls were lost;

  • tralls again massively fail through the foundations and ceilings in the destruction of any part of the building nearby;

  • part of the tralls-dancers became inactive: they stand motionless, and with them it is impossible to interact in any way.

(A personal server, a single game. There are no mods.)

Specification: in addition to the chests and workbenches, a part of other furniture has disappeared: beds, tables, barrels, etc. All the disappeared objects were located on triangular foundations (a fortified stone). I do not know why and what you did with these foundations - the reason, obviously, is in them.


Me too… im verry afine to build komplex Struktures.
From beginning Conan hast the stability Problems.
But in the Last Time i have no fun anymore! Roofs Brake apart. Sailings vanishes . Diagonal Struktures are not able to get upgradet.

I quit the Game and wait for a Patch . Explizit for Buildings and Strukture stability.

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I guess even an employee of Funcom needs to take some sleep once in a while. The patch has been released under much pressure less than 24 hours ago. Give them some time to look into the bugs before complaining about no hotfix released already. Driving devolopers from one deadline to the next will certainly not help getting this baby swaddled!


But you know what would help?
A simple rollback.


Greetings! New member here.

Sorry that my first post has to be at a time when a patch went belly-up. The game has been huge fun so far with little issues, sad to see an update causing problems.

All the issues being reported sounds scary, and at a real bad time as well now that it’s finally weekend. We run a private dedicated server with three players, what’s the chances of such a small-scale server bugging out? We’re at a time when it will be real gamebreaking to lose stuff now. I see the same bugs are reported on singleplayer as well, should we take the chance and try to run the server and play?

Why did the devs not roll back the patch? Is there a “stable branch” or earlier versions that we can change to via beta tab perhaps?

Not for me. I do not experience anything, that would justify a rollback. I do have some bugs like faster decay on food and torches, but they are nothing compared to the improvments i experience with this patch. And i can wait for a day or two for a “hotfix”.

If you run a private server you will have less an issue. You can wait til the hotfix for the time skip bug but there are easy worarounds. Here is what we did:

  • When the server is launched the admin went to everyone’s base (via teleport) to check for broken boxes. (we do this at every major patch, because you never know.) We only lost a handful of things and the admin put them in boxes. The only things folks lost were things on stone (t1-3) foundations. (The ones that share a mesh with the T1 stone foundation).

  • I have not observed the thrall sudden death syndrome so I can’t speak to that.

  • As for the time skip, we just set our server to extend decay time to compensate until it is fixed. I think we set the item decay timer to 01. or 0.2.

We are loving the changes. :slight_smile: There are just some new bugs that affect some folks more than others. I think it’s a good change overall.

Edit: Oh and we also called a server rule of 'no slaving on the pirate ship until that is fixed. The spawn rate currently trivializes thralls.


That’s some great advice. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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We call it being the server admin fairy-godmother. Every server should have one. :slight_smile:


IKR im full of good advice.

Not sure if anyone else has this issue, but thralls keep dieing when I use the stairs in my base, I’ve lost 4 in a row now, I’ve tried using both entrances to my base, but I’ll be running, then I’ll hear a death gurgle and the thrall will be a corpse underneath the stairwell. Very frustrating. Lost 4 named thralls now in a row!

Ok cool, I’ll just make a backup and try it out. If things are too screwed up, I’ll revert and wait for a hotfix. Weekend gaming time is precious for us working-class blokes though.

We can deal with issues like falling through foundations or replacing lost thralls but, we just got our town up and running and started producing steel stuff so it would be a real bummer to lose buildings and/or inventory. We have not explored much and haven’t been to the pirate ship yet.

EDIT: If food decays faster, we’ll exploit it for a while. We have enough food to end world hunger but we need it to rot for making compost.

Until you login again, and have to suicide every time you start the game.

I bought this game a week ago and has been absolutely hooked since then. Have found my share of bugs here and there but nothing game braking, until I logged in after the patch yesterday.

EVERYTHING I had in my inventory was gone. That alone was enough to make me rage and log right out again. Logged back inn a few hours later. After reading all the bugs people have been reporting, I went around to check on cheats and crafting stations, luckily, they were all there. Spent a while getting new armour and weapons before going back to gaming as usual. In the middle of fighting some npc’s my journey reset. Wasn’t really a surprise, but still; GREAT JOB!! Spent a while seriously abusing the over spawning of named thralls on the pirate ship before going to bed. Logged in now and again EVERY FREAKING ITEM in my inventory was gone.

I’m seriously wondering what you guys do to test patches before release, but I guess you don’t at all

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