Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018)

My equipments is not a bad loss but all my map markers are gone too. Visiting the places again doesn’t trigger them back.

Great observations, and I would also throw in that I would like to see the game environment become challenging once again. Even at level 10, there is not much in the southern region that provides significant danger/challenge. Yeah, you can’t really kill an elephant or rhino, but they also can’t catch you running away either. Even worse, the hyena’s and tigers should be able to catch you and kill you; again, too easy to run away. Challenge needs to be there early on, and stay throughout. It is open world ‘survival’, and I hate to say, it doesn’t seem to provide much in the way of survival any more.

Wooden ground spikes are having an issue where it always gives an error that the terrain or clipping though an object. So I can’t place them anywhere even though it’s on a flat surface not near anything.

Sometimes when that notice pops up, using the center mouse button, or the controller equivalent, will correct the error.

Buggy forum tools. Here’s the proper post
Hey funcom,
What the heck did you do to break almost every mod that has a custom UI? LT’s minimap, fashionist, unlock plus, etc… Also I agree with the above comment - the game is becoming top heavy. I don’t see any changes in the MOAB/P that didn’t focus almost exclusively on PVP group players at 60. What about us running PVE with a bunch of ( players < 40) on a private server?

On the hotfix. Foundation spawning is still a thing. Most my named thralls (male or female) look like a naked white haired dude. Npc AI seems to be fixed. Temperature is not fixed, and more broken than yesterday. Also potions (elixir of freedom, reaper poison) wear off much faster than they should. Oh and did you intend for bosses to have super-regen? Tested against landslide and the scorpion boss and unless you keep DoT’s on them they start healing about 4x faster than they should be. Maybe that’s related to the timer bug? They seem to be able to pull attacks faster and are doing a lot of “teleporting” (mid-attack they next to their target, even after two double dodges backwards in full light armor with high Agility).

Anyway, keep at it. Wish I could get time credit when patches this buggy drop on g-portal. My server mates and I still aren’t going to be able to actually play without more fixes from you. Small dev team?

hotfix isnt out yet Hotfixes for the Mother of all Patches

Got an update earlier today on the game…

Been watching like a hawk too. I got a bunch of guys up my butt about when they can get back on and play like business as usual.

The big issue here is we are no longer in EA we are a fully released game. things missing when you paid for them is unacceptable. Would you be this way if you bought sometihng and things are missing from it? No you wouldnt you would go to where you bought it and demand they fix the issue. Same thing here we all paid for a working game not a gmae that randomly takes things away from random people.


So we dont get hotfix AND we get less fixes??? One instead of two???
Okay, you know im done.
ARK, here i come.

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have fun being raided by chinese at 4am

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there was going to be two but they are rolling the two hotfixes into 1 hotfix

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yes they learned from the previous patch that cramming a lot of stuff into 1 patch is a good idea, so why not do the same with a hotfix;)

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Salamander not giving glands anymore

One more update, which I am not happy to post but we have to unfortunately delay today’s hotfix until tomorrow.
On the bright side, you’ll get a two for one tomorrow, in the form of a bigger hotfix.

Once again, sorry for the delay. I know it’s frustrating to wait :confused:


What is your big plan for people who lost a lot of stuff due to your patch fix?

They point of this everything was fine before they patched game. This is a product we all paid for. When something that you paid for does not work you ask the company what they are going to do to fix what they messed up. Which includes what you lost also.

If they plan on doing nothing to fix lost items then that should be stated.

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Nothing was lost on my server either. I don’t know where you’re getting the idea that most players lost stuff. People generally don’t come on here to report that “everything is great, no problems” unless they’re an *** like me. If they do a “rollback” to return everyone’s lost items - which I suspect is impossible anyway - how is that fair to the people who’ve spent the last two days gathering resources that we would supposedly lose?


nothing of importance was lost in server 1930 (pve) that i know of.

heard a bench, and in my case the yellow lotus potions. all my thralls are in the world floor, so there was no way they could fall.

I don’t know that’s a bright side considering this patch was supposed to fix bugs and introduced more than it fixed. I’m thinking you guys would do better to release smaller hotfixes more frequently. Maybe hit the foundations problem first as it’s causing the most harm then move on in a solid progression towards fixes. I’ll say this the fact you have already announced ANOTHER premium DLC without any major changes, a few bugs fixed and more introduced is… Harrowing. Please get the core game up to a “full release” level before charging customers yet again for premium DLC. Especially to those of us who bankrolled this game in EA, you owe us that much. This isn’t TSW and we paid for the product you are supporting. “at least it’s free” doesn’t work like it does with freemium games.


You can have it fixed now
you can have it fixed right.
You cannot have it fixed right, now.

Finding errors is not a quick task, fixing them so that they don’t break something else takes even longer.