Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018)

I remember reading ppl say it, I was one too. I only report in here.

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This is an old one, but since it’s not fixed yet…

Bug (Multiplayer without Mod.): Steel truncheon cannot be improved with advanced blunted weapon fitting. You can improve the iron truncheon with advanced blunted weapon fitting which makes it even better than the steel equivalent.

He’s only trying to prevent this forum from turning into a slagging match, that doesn’t help the situation.

Im confident they haven’t put us through all this mess on purpose. Remember, there are accountants and business men pulling the strings at the end of the day, the dev’s, whilst cause the issues, are also our only saviours to resolve them.

Im sure they are working best they can with the resources they are given.


You should get some sleep, too.

Might be time for a new dev team


will the pixelated/blurry graphics issue fixed too tomorrow? :slight_smile:

This happens when i move my character. Can reproduce the issue in singleplayer and multiplayer (private server). Also, multiple clan mates have this issue. Config reset and clean reinstall didn’t solve the blurry/pixelated graphics.

Another Thread: Character turns to pixels when moving after last update 7/5/2018

i hope this will also be fixed. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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  1. Keep getting stuck under foundation when I log in. re-login doesn’t help. have to remove bracelet to fix.

  2. Map markers disappear until I re-log or remove bracelet to kill my character.

  3. When I log in sometimes my health bar will have half health and my boarder will be bloody and the only fix is also re-log or kill my character.

  4. my character no longer appears in the inventory screen so I cant see what my character looks like unless I rotate my camera angle.

  5. I just logged in today and almost all my thralls are naked and are male and have long white hair.

  6. some thralls are appearing under foundation blocks upon login in.

  7. Eating food now sounds like your drinking water.

Lastly, on a side note, why did they change obsidian tools to use composite obsidian? you can only craft it in the volcano forge and it takes a very long time to craft and takes 15 whole bars plus steel reinforcements and shaped wood. that’s very expensive for an item that takes forever to craft and only in the volcano. the durability on obsidian tools with upgrade is half less than star metal tools. if your going to make an item that hard to repair at least increase the durability on them or it turns into a grind fest. or at the very least make it so that we can craft them at any forge not just in the volcano.

900 plus players in the test server testing this patch and none of them caught these bugs?


Bugs were reported but they chose not to fix anything before pushing it out. Apparently it was just a load test.


Okay half the stuff you claimed to have fixed, is not fixed, and in fact more mobs are falling through the world, disappearing, splitting into multiple, fishtraps are still bugged, as are behives… like half the stuff you say that you fixed doesn’t look very fixed. Oh and now my map markers just disappear, and my journey resets… awesome patch. Looks like the only thing that was corrected was values… you “balanced” things but didn’t actually fix bugs.

Someone’s gotta do it.

I and several others were saying the night of the “Load Test” that it was definitely not ready for Live and would cause more bugs than were already present. Unfortunately we were in the minority, as most players just wanted visible progress, and claimed the game ran smoother for them (the hyenas and myself were lag porting around with 60 players on). I do not blame Funcom entirely, as the majority of comments were along the lines of “Cool, runs good. Make it Live” and the constant harassment on the forums days prior to pressure them into releasing it ASAP.

Honestly, any major patch needs several days in Testlive so that players can progress to the point of thrall hunting and building larger structures. They also need to be able to log in several times and have server restarts to make sure lock boxes, work stations, and thralls don’t glitch out.


I’m sorry, but why the hell are we doing this? Nice finnaly flawless obsidan gear… ehm, wait a sec. Dragon bone weapons are way much better. Wait a min… Dragon bone weapons cost less and are easier to get materials to… I did use about 1,5 hour to smelt 800 bars and it’s totally useless. Even the obsidian skinning knife is worse than Star metal skinning knife and don’t even need the new Composite Obsidian to be crafted.

Conclusion: Obsidian the Volcano tier is useless. Keep trowing out Obsidian while your farming Gold.


In the patch notes, several somewhat vague references are made to physics. “Reduced update frequency for expensive physics functions to improve server performance.” and “Modified update frequency for different actor types to improve server performance.” stood out for me.

Heads up on explosives and orbs now folks. You can take down T3 foundations ridiculously easily post-patch – 4 jars. Vaults are still 110 bombs/jars or so. 3 side-by-side T3 foundations can be ripped with one stack of grease (25), 5 vapor and one fire. Get your reinforcements up, everyone! (Unless you’re a raider, in which case, have some compassion for the dear Khitan belongings.)

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I do not have this problem on official servers.

arch priest of Derketo is a purge only spawn

I believe it has to do with the changes made to Clans. I really need it fixed as open crafting tables are a big thing on my server.

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That sounds good on paper but had the opposite effect on my client / server. My FPS got cut in half for example. Performance isn’t near as good as pre-patch and i don’t like this blurry/pixelated effect on my character if this was intentional but i guess it wasn’t.

they also nerf the kingslayer, i did not see any mention of it.

Same here but without mods (Singleplayer and private server.)
Most settings won’t save anymore. Before patch there was a message if i want to save my settings, this message box is gone since patch.


This patch wasn’t tested for sure … Damn we lost a LOT of Tier II Bench, with Named Thrall in them and a LOT of chest with a LOT of end game things in them … WTF is wrong with you at Funcom to screw a game like that !!! We were 10 peeps playing this game that we loved on a private dedicated server, but now 8 of them have rage quit the game because of the bugs!!! Please test more thoroughly your patch BEFORE puting them on LIVE servers !!! Please fix this patch fast I’m losing all the people that are playing on my server!!!