Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018)

only the grandpa of all rollbacks can help us now


Well before the patch my thralls would fight the monsters attacking the base/me just fine but now it seems they dont really care. Also every time I try to build something new it almost always just says it is overlapping with something. Why are you people making me rethink the 8 out of 10 I gave you. My brother bought this game because I told him about it and I even bought a steam copy for a friend. Please please fix the Thrall problem. if anyone attacks our base the should really should do more then just wave at them.

To clarify: I understand that you can’t just pull all the art people off of doing DLC work and throw them at bugfixing, and I understand that you can’t just have the art people do nothing for however long it’d take to fix things. That said, the game has a reputation for being unstable already, and you must understand how bad it looks to be asking for more money for secondary addons when the base game is known as having so many issues.

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Righto so problems with people unable to join multiple servers that have mods even tho mods have been updated and are in the correct order and servers have been updated and others have been able to join just a select few can’t.

I do have to say, having every single thrall at the black galleon spawn as a level 4 or “named” has been good for our thrall farming.

Can’t place wooden spikes anywhere since they give clipping with terrain error. Thrall falling through foundations. Timers on consumables sporadically jumping around. Berry juice only refilling 1/10th of thirst.

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This game should have never left early access. If I knew what kind of trouble this game would cause me I would have never bought it. And I bought it twice; once for myself and once for my fiance.

I am very disappointed and frankly I want a refund; but I spent 10 hours mining rocks essentially so steam isn’t going to give me a refund.

At this point, a rollback would make me happy. However, I realize that at this point a rollback is very unlikely. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely I will continue to play the game until it receives the polish it needs to be enjoyable.


Thrall collision with player structures is acting like a “no clip”. I tried re-placing my thralls, they always fall through the floor. My base is atop a water area so they didn’t die, but sadly I can’t find some of them.

I tried getting one to follow me inside my base but they just fell through the floor again.

Also, found out the Map Markers got reset and for some Journeys as well but dying and reviving seems to fix this. RIP Warpaints.

I have encountered alot of these same bugs on my singleplayer gameplay.

Blur when moving.

Freezes at random times.

My named thralls who were not near me during the last logout and then login after patch are just performers…
Some how because they are bad ■■■ the Black hand captain did not get switched from being said bad ■■■ to weak performer who only has 100 health.

I was one of the testers during the event and I did not notice these or alot of the other problems effecting us as players right now. Lol I dont think the bugs are going to make me quit this game. Ill probably log right back into it after this post. I just wanted to bring this kind of stuff to your attention.

I have read posts above reporting the movement blurring; however, I am also getting a massive blurring of the NPC corpses when I kill one in a non critical fashion.

I recreated the problem in multiple lighting situations, as well as going into a cave and into buildings.

I removed all mods, as well as trying all of the graphics settings. One note, changing the graphics settings did remove the blur effect on roughly 30% of the kills. I could not reliably recreate the graphics settings change.

As I just created this account to post this report, I cannot upload the images to show the issue. Its only visible, so the game is technically playable, just very ugly.

Here are the issues I noticed in game. It’s a private server with mods, of course online.

  • Food is decaying like crazy. Every minute at least 20 seconds or 40 seconds of the timer are skipped.
  • A lot of the facederp (IE eyes distance like aliens in T4 thralls) is still there. Thralls I have which are still derped are Vais the Wayfarer, Lian, Dalinsia Snowhunter, Freya, and more. Maybe it affects only thralls that have not been hunted/placed yet? EDIT: I just checked. Indeed the change is not retroactive. Only newly-captured thralls are affected.
    -Visuals appear to blur strangely when the character moves.It’s a pixelated blur that I have never seen before in other games or in Conan. It looks really bad on Ultra settings. The same goes for NPCs.
    -Blood on my body is staying permanently until i remove and reequip armor.
    -I suffered no loss of containers or crafting stations, but others on my server did.
    -heat appears to be really out of whack in the desert. The north also seems more cold than it used to be.
    -The first time I logged in, my spawn point was not set.
    -On second login (not the first time) all my map markers disappeared and the journey reset, but already completed journey steps can’t be completed anymore even if they’re displayed. Further relog did not fix.
    -My character doll in my inventory/equipment menu is gone.
    -breaking ANY building piece in your base will cause all thralls to fall through the floor and foundations they’re standing on. Those in elevated positions will die if they fall from high enough, others will be stuck in foundations. This appears to be base-wide, nor world-wide (breaking something in the Mounds of the Dead did not affect my outpost in the volcano, and breaking one of my bridges in the volcano did not affect my base in the same area a distance away). This is by far the worst bug that needs to be addressed with the highest priority IMHO. It effectively paralyzes players from building if they want their thralls to stay safe. if you make a small mistake in building, and you need to correct it, your thralls will disppear or die. Since building is a critical part of the game, a good portion of its enjoyability is gone until this is fixed

Addition: the percentage of spawns of T4 named thralls on the Black ship seems absolutely out of whack. This risks to trivialize T3 thralls.

Addition 2: Imiu of Derkheto is still a far-eyed monster even after the thrall facelift, even if you capture new ones.


I just want to let you know that if you are unaware…I think you can be unaware because you guys work hard.

There are no skilled armourer thralls to craft Flawless Aquilonian Armors on the exiled lands…

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You too about the Starmetal ore, I was afraid that I didn’t wait long enough, even though I waited for 3 days in-game. Usually on SP I could find Starmetal in a single in-game day; now after the patch the Meteor arrived but not a single star ore apparent.

Error with the latest version:

  • journey successes are not displayed
  • worldmap does not display known locations and markers
  • The 3D image of the character is not displayed in the inventory
  • Almost all unique NPC are there at the same time (do not know if coincidence or an error?)

Private Server 20 slots, just Pippi running at the moment cause the others dont work since update:
Works all as it should, got none of the issues. Just at first logging I was in the basement but warped out relogged and was after relogg standing on the ground not in it.
One thrall missing.
And temperatur seems to be a bit odd, in warm places i am nearly dieing of the heat as if I was standing in fur clothes on the volcano.
Means I cant use my Khitain Armor anymore south of cold regions.

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No taskmaster is spawning in Sempuru

Online Official Server #1930

Have purposely killed everyone three times and left the prison completely alone and never once was there a Taskmaster spawned.

Single player game, lvl 60 character, PC/Steam.

  1. Lost a legendary pike (Gavain’s Rusty Pike). The item was replaced by a black block with no stats.

  2. Contrary to what the patch notes claim, swimming still costs stamina.

  3. Food spoils quickly. Timer counts down as it supposed to for a few seconds, then skips 15 to 20 seconds.

  4. Before this patch, I never lost a Thrall. Had to restore an older game.db, because one of my dancers vanished on the ground floor, dancing on a single layer of Stonebrick Foundation Blocks.

  5. 3D character is missing from the Inventory screen. It was briefly there, but then vanished.

  6. The purple color and the small badge of armor reinforcements still get stuck in equipment slots after removal (yeah, I know, it’s an old bug so this is just a reminder that it hasn’t fixed itself).

  7. Old bug: if you add a new mod and you want to modify its position within your load order, you need to restart the game twice, because if you add it and then change its position immediately, the game will forget the changed position: to make the change stick, you need to change the load order and restart the game again. /facepalm

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Good Morning everyone,

Apologies for the late answer but unfortunately my transition into a cylon hasn’t been successful yet and I still need a bit of sleep!

We are already looking into the issues reported. Some of them have already been addressed and others will be addressed. Our plan is to deploy a hotfix later today and possibly one tomorrow if needed.

We won’t let you out in the cold (or according to reports atm, heat) and I will update you with more info as it becomes available.

Thanks for your feedback so far and your patience and understanding. :slight_smile:


Good morning,
I’ve not logged in since the big patch to see what it’s affected on my pc game…and I only play on the PC platform… But I do urge that you ie Funcom do not certify this patch as it is currently to Xbox and PS4 and only apply to those two platforms when the bugs the PC platform are reporting have been successfully addressed by the hot fixes your coding team is creating and it is certified then applied as a joint package …really would not like two more sets of gamers affected like the PC gamers have been … (i make this comment as I’m reading the PS4 section reporting the same bugs now that the PC platform had reported from the previous patch.)

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thank you girl.

i told the people in my server that hotfixes were coming. :slight_smile: glad i was right…