Mount escort feature

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I came with an idea to suggest for a escort feature regarding the mounts (rhinos and horses).

What if we the players could use the bindings we use on unconscious npcs to escort a following or a non following mount where ever we would like to?

For example, by binding a mount with the bindings from guarding, scouting or following it will become escorting.


Why? Is there a purpose to escort?

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Not sure but as far as horses are concerned it would just look good to be able to lead a horse.

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Eh… idk if that would really be used much. I rarely move my horse from one place to another, unless I have it follow me. Red Dead has that option, but honestly, I rarely use it in that game either. It’s more of a QOL feature, but it serves little purpose. I’m gonna say no on this because there’s far more important issues at hand. The last thing I want is some pointless interaction with my mount that will likely be implemented incorrectly and cause more frustration than it’s worth.


Can’t lie about implementing stuff lol it’s never good. XD but I can see a RPer wanting to lead their horse around. Maybe just be able to attach rope whole horse is following for aesthetic lol. It’s cute idea but yk how it goes.

BuT wE hAvE a CoOl DiVe AnImAtIoN, uPdAtE iS gReAt :thisisfine:



Well it will give us the ability to bring two mounts one that follows and the other to come along such moving from an old base to a new base location.

But it will also give a rp taste to those who love to rp via the game itself.

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For this we have tp stones!
I personally agree with this mechanic but not for horses.
I wish camels will become mounts and they 'll have the ability of a caravan and of course the camel inventory.
I really want this mechanic to play as nomad. We have so many beautiful tents, it would be really amazing for me.


To be fair, that one IS pretty damn cool. I have been diving off my ship and newly built lighthouse on siptah a lot! :rofl:

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Maybe, but as someone who pretty much exclusively builds for RP purposes, I don’t see myself doing horse leading. I can’t speak for anyone else, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

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