Mountaineer alien eyes

Game mode: [Online | Dedicated server ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

Finally found the mountaineer while going around my private server installing loot boxes. His eyes are bugged. I imagine there are some other overlooked NPCs that are likewise bugged - though I remember reading in the patch notes that the fix was not retroactive.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find the mountaineer
  2. Observe his face
  3. Note the alien eyes
  4. Jump off spire in horror
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not sure if he has be corrected or not, but npc’s inworld before the patch remain aliens.

I have as example a Freya before and a Freya after patch, they don’t look similar, and the old have the alien-eyes, while the other captured after patch is fine with normal eyes.

It is kinda weird actually.
named thralls captured recently look 100% fine, “sicknessfree” . Some have even a total different look than the “old” ones.
The ones captured before are looking better than before the concerning patch, but still look odd enough…

As many of us, i checked every single one of my named thralls faces after this patch and all i can say is that some look better/worse than others. But you can see in their faces they are bearing the legacy of their previous eyes sickness, so to say.

the issue has certainly been improved in that matter, but is not totaly fixed yet in my opinion. It’s no big deal in my eyes lol but if you like polished games funcom, don’t consider it as fixed, or at least as long as they are “old” named thralls living on the servers (which i 'd like to keep BTW)

This issue can still wait for a while though, you 'll probably have much more important things to fix when you’ll come back with your full strength…

named thrall captured after big mother patch:

who is looking totaly different than her previous version btw but with nice normal eyes

named thralls captured before big mother patch:
it has definitely been improved from what it was before but you can still feel their sickness legacy in their eyes

These freaks with frog eyes appeared at the time of the official release of the game. Old NPS of the 4th level (in early access) generally had a randomly changing appearance. In the “Mother of the Patch”, they were again redone: the “frog eyes” disappeared (at least the majority), the NPS faces became quite cute, but another problem arose: almost all of them were made “for a copy”: 5 or 6 presets, and you will constantly find “twins” with different names.

Don’t know about the other NPCs, but with the Mountaneer, it could be definitely caused by the air pressure given the height of the rock he’s standing on :wink:

that’s sure, i will not kill my old named thralls just for the eyes, all that with the bugs that may happen to them right now in the patching time.
But again, i love them looking fine, while fine is still personal taste.

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