Mounted thralls

Dear funcom team,

i would like to have mounted thralls. Furthermore, the possibility of adjustable patrols for slaves.

Another suggestion would also be purges with catapults.


These fortified positions would then be additionally secured by stationary troops.


I’m hoping the next major update is either an Age of Thralls or Age of Beasts update. They’re probably my favorite aspects of this game, so I’d love for FC to explore their potential even further. Wolf mounts would be cool, since Ark has that feature.

I’m a bit skeptical about including catapults in any purges, but it could be fun if implemented correctly (one or two enemy siege engines per purge, max). I haven’t built any siege weapons myself, but maybe if we could man our own trebuchets with thralls of our own (either with existing archer/fighter thralls or a new Defender thrall) that would be a viable option.

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so. I hope they will add anti catapult walls

With all the problems Funcom is having I don’t believe mounted thralls are going to be a part of the game.

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