Mounts, and how they will work on spammed officials

SO while runngin around on my official, i realized something. We have a new all day clan of 10, doing the usual. spamming 100 set altars for land claim, building the usual sandstone grid map to start trolling. I think they are trying to kill server. Not unusual, so “whatevs”, but it made me think. How will mounts handle the sandstone grid spam? I know if it gets where there is enough spamming, the only way for me to traverse most areas is to jump, because trying to run just gets me in rubber band mode. I guess what i am saying is, mounts may be useless on toxic war servers due to the clans utilizing the cheese that is the sandstone grid and altar spamming. A shame, because i was really hoping to get 100% back into the game with them. But i guess i will do as I normally do and just play for about 2 days to experience them before i shut it down again. This time, i won’t buy the DLC season pass if there is one, so i can fully distance myself and not be monetarily invested to have to return, as i am more into what i thought was going to be strategic raiding and wars.

I assume…

Ps4 will catch fire…

Xbox will catch fire

Old PC’s will catch fire or blue screen.

Good PC will lag abit, and they will lolz

Really good PC will starch there head, wounder what everyone else is crying about. XD

I really wish land claim flags had became a thing to stop imbecilic cords over map, and limit to pets before Mounts…
I except to blue screen while online… coming around bend of mountain into 100+ rhinos and spiders. Logging back in and finding my mount besty dead.

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this is what i picture happening…


No idea if this would work, but make those altars like bedrolls. Once you place one, the old goes poof. But then, they’d find something else to spam with I bet. Good to see you’re back in the game anyway.

I think thats part of issue. I want place-able tree, but everyone (almost) says no… cause spam. There already spam. XD

Not the sandwich kind. XD

IF horses work abit like RDR2, were slightly tree or hill bump kills you… this might be pretty funny.

in the video i posted… at about 3:03, the horse steps over and just stops. Have a feeling that is what we will have on spammed servers lol.

Why are people spamming altars btw? Is there a bigger claim radius or something?

Really glad that I don’t play on public servers.

For the same price as 10 foundations, you can build 1. It covers roughly a 5 x 5 space (25 foundations) and takes 3-4 bombs to destroy. So cheaper and quicker. The land claim is probably about same, maybe slightly bigger than 10 foundations in a 3 x 3 ish footprint… Plus, just in case, you can get set potions as needed. Decay timer might be a little more than a grouping of 10 foundations, not sure on that.

This is not a bad idea for T1’s only. T2’s and T3-s would not be a problem if you had multiple of them. The resources would slow that down. Basically before you built any other T1, you would have to at least upgrade the one you have to T2.

Thanks for the info. I’ve read about it for so long but was too afraid to ask :slight_smile:
Now I’m curious what a grid of altars might look like…

To be fair, I expect all of that to happen even without any spammed servers :smiley:

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I think if mounts can’t jump then these players that make snake foundations all over are ■■■■■■■■ themselves in the end cause they won’t be able to jump through there own snake foundations

If mounts can’t jump, players will get stuck on all kinds of natural formations even without any active construction input.

Horses in real life are pretty good at jumping. Why would the in-game horse be unable to jump?

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Jumping is the not the problem. It is just going to be reallllllllly anoying jumping and turning every 2 strides. Maybe that is why we are getting them now. You will never be able to gallop, so rendering won’t be an issue :slight_smile:

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