Mounts are new meta

Toxic super clans are a problem regardless of what tools they use. Find a new server.

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super clans dominating a whole server seems to be the issue regarding to pvp depletion. It is not a matter of horses or no horses…

Which is why there needs to be no clanning on pvp official. A 10 man clan alone can survive in the same size base as a solo needs, but have 10x the mats. Meaning they can aback 10x stronger, but defend 10 times more efficiently. That with perma storage is a major pvp killer on the game. By removing clanning, it would take more strategy to work together, meaning coordinating transfer of mats, not event log knowing if your allies have been attack (having to run around to do visible checks would be the only way), opening up the chance for a non allied player to guerilla attack and steal during the transfer or “silent” attacks on their enemies bases.

Again, only for PVP.

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if only you could have a halberd. The back part of the axe-looking head thing was used to dismount people.


That wont stop anything. They will just all build next to each other and work together as they always have.

True. The only thing i can see happening is noobs hitting other noobs and kill between eachother.

Playing solo isn’t as fun for a lot of players though, so no clans in official is a bit harsh. I agree there could be official solo servers, but as the other guy said that won’t stop people from working together. Your best bet would be to find a solo only private server.

But to do that, they would still have to have gaps. And couldn’t get to allies mats and run with them or just repair their allies base over and over, which is what happens now. Scoop loot and map/midnight out to another location and play keep away tag is a major fault when raiding. They would…gulp have to melee fight to defend and actually stop me until their ally logged in. But that ally would have to do all the grab and running by their selves, or again have to trafnsfer between each other one load at a time.

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I think clanning removes so much of the survival. With allies you could still farm and share, just with the threat of being ganked. IF you are only into the game for the PVE and building, then why even play on pvp. PVP should lean to harsher environments that keep it from becoming pve with offlining. Also, for PVP with no clans, its harder to block resources, obelisks, or spam claim. Because it will make it harder for your allies as well. IF i block an obelisk in non clan pvp, then the only way to let my allies use it is to be on or keep it open when I am offline. IT would also open up trading way more. The players who want to farm would work trades out with fight er players, creating true society interaction.

Did they add an option that allows us to specify which players can open our doors? Or an option that allows us to set the thralls to attack everyone except specific players? Is there a new option that I haven’t seen which would let me specify which players can repair my buildings? Or refresh them? Or build on my claim?

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It would make them weaker but it still wont stop them from working together. They can still share resources and they can still fight together. They will still attack you in groups and erase your base from existence. Potentially with even more efficiency. Rather then 10 people having 20 shared firebowls with thralls on them each one will instead have 5 each. Making their production of explosives even faster. Simply removing an intended feature of the game wont fix the problem. Toxic clans will be toxic. Find a new server. Make a server. Find people to play with so you’re not solo anymore.

I don’t play public servers anymore. I host my own. If a clan is blocking obelisks and cutting the map in half with a giant wall I just ban them. Problem solved. Good players keep having fun and toxic players go somewhere else.

Yes they did. It’s called the “Steam Workshop”.

I didn’t say it wouldn’t make them weaker. I said it wont stop anything. They will still work together and they will still curb stomp solo players. Removing a feature of the game wont stop them. They will adapt and continue to dominate. Group up and fight back or find a new server. Start your own server.

I don’t play public servers anymore. I host my own. If a clan is blocking obelisks and cutting the map in half with a giant wall I just ban them. Problem solved. Good players keep having fun and toxic players go somewhere else.

The way to go! Bravo!

so why do you care about official rules.
And friendly fire makes raiding together harder… trust me nothing more fun than aggroing allies thralls on each other.
Why would they get more thralls. If they want 20 Alchie’s they’ll get 20 alchies regardless. Having them spread out makes them easier to target.

And I rarely play solo. I have been in a clan. it makes it far easier, as all you need is a 3x3 cube for the beds, then all 10 members have access to the wall stacked fortress.

I start a server solo and then we clan up after we each hit 60 and decide to attack. There is a reason we clan up to do it.

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I don’t care about offical server rules. Playing on any server offical or private that has no moderation is just asking for head banging frustration. I’m telling you that removing the clan feature isn’t going to happen. Therefor I have offered suggestions about what can happen.

It could. IF there was someone that laid out all the features con and pro of it. And removing vs setting it (you are a private owner and realize it is a slide right?) is different. With all the dead servers, they could easily set up a few to solo only and see what traffic is like and what the gamers feel about it.

And you say you are a private owner, so can i ask do you participate in the pvp as well?

My server is a relaxed PvP server. Relaxed meaning no off line raids and no being toxic. Fighting is still fighting and I do join in every now and then. The topic of this thread is horses. Dismounting people is so easy that most people give up on even using them. Horse battles devolve into foot battles within 5 minutes because of how easy it is to dismount in mass.

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so… mounts are not new meta…

Sure, mount+cat+lance is totally not the meta right now…


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