Mouse Losing Focus

I’m having trouble on a dual monitor setup. The mouse doesn’t seem to bind to the game window, and when I move the mouse far enough it drops to my second desktop and I lose control of the game camera. I can move my mouse back to regain control, but it means that I haven’t got an entirely free camera when playing. I’ve given up playing until I can get some help.

Any ideas?


Are you playing fullscreen or windowed? Try the opposite and see if you get the same issue.

Just to confirm that this is still an issue, doesn’t matter if you are in border-less, windowed or full screen, the mouse will not lock to the game. It’s kind of funky too, when I was changing display modes then moving the mouse out of the game and then back it was like the cursor went behind the game and had to alt tab to get the mouse again in game. I hope this can be really being looked and addressed.